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Vol.7 No.4 Dec 2013

  Combustible Worlds
John Duncan Talbird   Dear Elizabeth Penn
Martin Goodman   on Francesc Serés
Chris Miller   on Ewa Lipska
Carl MacDougall   Someone Always Robs the Poor
Alan Mahar   on Jón Kalman Stefánsson
Robert Graham   on Stevie Davies
Elizabeth Stott   on Jaki McCarrick
Moy McCrory   Combustible World
Christopher Burns   on Martin Goodman and D. D. Johnston
Phil Jourdan   on Pascal Bruckner
David Hayden   Remains of the Dead World
Greg Gatenby   on Eduardo Mendoza
Caterina Sinibaldi   on Andrea Bajani
Nicola Williams   on Tim Parks
    The Warwick Review Essay
William Palmer   Writers and Drink
    Poetry and Medicine [III]
Matthew Thorburn
This Morning
Alan Shapiro   Cassandra
Stephen Claughton   Mother Tongue
Andy Brown   Public Speaking
Phil Brown   Audrey
Olivia Byard   That Goddam Particle
John Hartley Williams   Infected Moment
Martin Monahan   The Eye Hospital Extension at Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton
Ellen Storm   Two poems
Rafael Campo   Two poems
Lawrence Sail   on Rafael Campo, Wendy French and Jane Kirwan, Rebecca Goss and John Mole
    Brief notice
    Further up the creek 
Jeffrey Wainwright  

Two poems

Anna Jackson   Two poems
John Wedgwood Clarke   Two poems
Adam Elgar   Three sonnets from Fontaine-de-Vaucluse
Lawrence Sail   on Peter Scupham at eighty
Emily Hasler   on W. N. Herbert
Sheenagh Pugh   Two poems
Padraig Rooney   Two poems
John F. Deane   Fly-Tying
Daisy Behagg   Welsh Elocution
Tony Roberts   on Elizabeth Smither, C. K. Stead and Ian Wedde
William Bedford   on Stephen Edgar, Cliff Forshaw and Andrew Sant
Victoria Grigg   Resonance
Ian Fitzgerald   All Saints Chapel
Andrew Shields   Louisiana
Peter Rawlings   Objects
Annemarie Austin   Inside Inside
Omar Sabbagh   on Maitreyabandhu, Marianne Burton, Andrew Philip and Heather Phillipson
Jess Drew   on Sue Hubbard, Kona Macphee, Clare Pollard and Michelene Wandor
Tony Roberts   on Peter Armstrong, Alistair Noon, Ruth O’Callaghan and Michael Symmons Roberts
    Brief notices 
    Notes on contributors