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Vol.5 No.2 Jun 2011

    Summer fiction  
Christopher Burns   from A Division of the Light
Makambo Tshionyi   The Shallows
Mark Budman   Whispering Reeds
John Saul   A Hundred Yards of Road
Neil Ferguson   Friendly Fire
A. J. Ashworth   Sometimes Gulls Kill Other Gulls
Christopher Burns   on David Rose
Nicholas Royle   on Roshi Fernando
    Fête littéraire 
Greg Gatenby   on literary postcards
    Gala days 
Melanie Challenger   on Roy Fisher
Tony Roberts   on David Harsent
Joel E. Cohen   Two poems
John Miles   Catalogues
Elizabeth Smither   Two poems
Jackie Wills
  on Elizabeth Smither
Sue Leigh   on Michael Longley
John Kinsella   Three poems
Omar Sabbagh   On Anger
Richie Hofmann   Glass
Don Barnard   on Ludwig Steinherr and Toon Tellegen
Lawrence Sail   on Peter McDonald, Omar Sabbagh and Judith Wilkinson
Ian Pople   on D. M. Black, Malcolm Carson,Roy Davids and Gordon Wharton
Jason Monios   The Picnic Basket
William Bedford
  The Bell
Peter Rawlings   Three poems
    Notes on contributors