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Vol.8 No.2 Jun 2014

    Featured Writer
Chris Miller   on Érico Nogueira
Érico Nogueira   Me or Her
Érico Nogueira   interviewed by Chris Miller
    Parents and Children
Barney Walsh   The Playground at Night
Elizabeth Smither   The Shrine of St. Anne
Rowan Righelato   Two poems
Will Eaves   The Lord Is Listenin’ To Ya, Hallelujah
William Gilson   The Visit
Andrew Winer   on Jennifer Clement
    “Good” or “Not Good”
Richard Lea   Free Delivery
Peter Goldsworthy   on Agota Kristof
Martin Goodman   on David Park
Nicholas Royle   on Eric Lundgren
Alan Mahar   on Will Eaves
Rowena Macdonald   on John Schoneboom
    Say all you need to
John Kinsella   Two poems
Michael Farrell   Two poems
Dan Disney   Two poems
Jennifer Compton   Free Books
David Sergeant   The Still House
Tim Dooley   The Triumph of Orthodoxy
Anna Jackson   on Selima Hill
William Bedford   on Kevin Powers
Lawrence Sail   Two poems
Geoff Page   Two poems
Alan Dunnett   The Outer Reaches or The Birds
Byron Beynon   Woman in an Arch of Trees
Ian Pople   on Nadine Brummer, Paula Green, Vona Groarke and August Kleinzahler
Jackie Wills   on Tiffany Atkinson, Hélène Cardona, Eleonore Schönmaier and Karen Solie
Sarah Batschelet   Two poems
John Mole   Two poems
Kate Bingham   June
Richard Martin   Ruin
Heidi Williamson   States
Mercedes Lawry   Just a Dress
Stephen Whitaker   on Jonathan Edwards, Dai George, Amy Key and Róisín Tierney
Emily Hasler   on poetry pamphlets
Donald Atkinson

Cairngorm, the living mountain (corrected)

Notes on contributors