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Vol.8 No.1 Mar 2014

    Spring Fiction
Tim Parks   from Painting Death
David Rose   from Meridian
Andrew Winer   from Nationsong
Alan Mahar   on Hanif Kureishi
Rashmi Varma   on Jaspreet Singh
Charles Boyle   on Ivan Vladislavic
William Palmer   on May-Lan Tan
Anna Metcalfe   Everything is Aftermath
John Kinsella   Crow’s Breath
Alison Ribeiro de Menezes   on José Ovejero
Christopher Burns   on Diego Marani
Andrew Crumey   on Vladimir Sharov
Carl MacDougall   on Benjamin Lytal
Will Nicoll   We’ll Call It a Himalayan Poppy
Daisy Johnson   Starver
    Brief notices
    And then the wind blew through and through
Christopher Reid   Two poems
Elizabeth Smither   Two poems
Michael Henry   Three poems
Harry Ricketts   on John Greening
Carrie Etter   on Mark Strand
Deborah Moffatt   Two poems
Sarah Hymas   A Rising Sea
Paula Bohince   Côte d’Azur
Louis de Bernieres   The Bed
Bert Flitcroft   Waiting for Anna
Sarah Rudston   2.16 a.m.
Carrie Etter   Expatriate Elegy
John Greening   on John Wedgwood Clarke, Philip Gross and Rory Waterman
Donald Atkinson   Two poems
Alison Brackenbury   Two poems
F. J. Williams   Two poems
Omar Sabbagh   Two poems
Melanie Petch   on Paula Cunningham, Hilary Menos, Kathryn Simmonds and Jackie Wills
Stephanie Conybeare   The Girl who Married the Bees
Christopher James   The Fool
Paul Connolly   Sighting
Tony Roberts   Poem to a friend feeling out of his element
Paul Freeman   How They Blue the Bugles Blue
Chris Miller   on Eugene Dubnov, Birhan Keskin, Nikola Madzirov and Armenian poetry
Ian Revie   on Antonio Moura, Victor Rodriguez Nunez and Catalan poetry
    Brief notices
    Notes on contributors