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Past Issues

March 2014 cover

Vol.8 No.1 Mar 2013

Fiction and poetry by Donald Atkinson, Louis de Bernières, Paula Bohince, Alison Brackenbury, Michael Henry, John Kinsella, Tim Parks, Christopher Reid, David Rose, Elizabeth Smither, Andrew Winer

Jun 2014 cover

Vol.8 No.2 Jun 2014

Parents and children

Featured writer: Érico Nogueira

Fiction and poetry by Jennifer Compton, Will Eaves, Michael Farrell, John Kinsella, Lawrence Sail, Elizabeth Smither

Warwick Review March 2013 cover

Vol.7 No.1 Mar 2013

Jaspreet Singh’s Helium

Wendy Brandmark, Will Eaves, Michael Farrell, Elizabeth Smither, Gerard Smyth, Judith Wilkinson

Warwick Review June 2013 cover

Vol.7 No.2 Jun 2013

Judith Beveridge, John F. Deane, Kirsty Gunn, John Kinsella, Pauline Stainer, Jackie Wills

Out of Warwick: new writers

Sept 2013 cover

Vol.7 No.3 Sept 2013

New poetry from the US

B. H. Fairchild, Marilyn Hacker, Ellen Hinsey, J. D. McClatchy, Dan O’Brien, Grace Schulman, Alan Shapiro, Susan Stewart and many more

Dec 2013 cover

Vol.7 No.4 Dec 2013

Rafael Campo, Carl MacDougall, Moy McCrory, Sheenagh Pugh, Alan Shapiro, Matthew Thorburn, Jeffrey Wainwright, John Hartley Williams

William Palmer on writers and drink

Lawrence Sail on Peter Scupham at eighty

March 2012 cover

Vol.6 No.1 Mar 2012

New Zealand: Diana Bridge, Anne Chamberlain, Craig Cliff, Patrick Evans, Fiona Kidman, Gregory O’Brien, Vincent O’Sullivan, Chris Price, Elizabeth Smither, C. K. Stead

 Warwick Review June 2012 cover

Vol.6 No.2 Jun 2012

A new story by Ron Rash

New Australian writing by David Brooks, Stephen Edgar, Michael Farrell, Peter Goldsworthy, Martin Harrison and many others

Warwick Review Sep 2012 cover

Vol.6 No.3 Sep 2012

Fiction by Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Anita Mason and Tamar Yellin

Poetry by Grace Schulman, Justin Quinn, Tony Barnstone and Mary O’Donnell

Chris Miller on Jacques Dupin

WR Dec 2012

Vol.6 No.4 Dec 2012

The translation issue
Willis Barnstone, Anthea Bell, Margaret Jull Costa, Brian Nelson, Tim Parks, John Taylor and many others

Fiction and poetry
by Pascal Bruckner, Cevat Capan, Alison Moore and José-Flore Tappy

Charles Boyle on Bill Manhire
Vincent O’Sullivan on Kirsty Gunn

Warwick Review March 2011 cover

Vol.5 No.1 Mar 2011

Poetry and fiction by Tony Barnstone, Mourid Barghouti, W. N. Herbert, Ewa Lipska, Kathryn Simmonds, Jessica Stilling

James Peacock on Paul Auster, Nicholas Royle on Colm Tóibín, Gerard Donovan on Günter Grass


Vol.5 No.2 Jun 2011

Christopher Burns
John Kinsella
Elizabeth Smither

Greg Gatenby on literary postcards


Vol.5 No.3 Sep 2011

John Gohorry’s Coventry

Fiction by Dina Greenberg, Claire Harman, Fabio Morábito, David Rose and Nicholas Royle

Chris Miller on Geoffrey Hill

Warwick Review Dec 2011

Vol.5 No.4 Dec 2011

Roo Borson, Marilyn Bowering, Don Coles, Grace Schulman, Kenneth Sherman, Jackie Wills

Chris Miller on Jaccottet and Jourdan

Warwick Review March 2010

Vol.4 No.1 Mar 2010

Spring fiction
Alan Apperley, Bill Broady, Lesley Glaister, Kirsty Gunn, Claire Harman, Carl Tighe


Vol.4 No.2 Jun 2010

The state of British poetry:
a symposium

Featured publisher:
Tindal Street Press

Tim Liardet salutes Peter Porter

Sep 2010 cover

Vol.4 No.3 Sep 2010

Roo Borson and Kim Maltman on Lu Xun’s desk

Jennifer Clement on Mexico’s drugs culture

Poetry, fiction and comment from Melanie Challenger, Philip Gross, Anita Mason, William Palmer, Michael Schmidt

Warwick Review Dec 2010 cover

Vol.4 No.4 Dec 2010

Featured writer: José Luís Peixoto

New poetry by Margaret Atwood, Tony Barnstone, Maxine Chernoff, Forrest Gander, Paul Hoover, Grace Schulman, Susan Stewart

Vol.3 No.1 Mar 2009 cover

Vol.3 No.1 Mar 2009

Robert Vas Dias: The Lascaux Variations

Stevie Davies: Review: Lichtenberg & The Little Flower Girl

Ian Revie: Review: Unfinished Ode to Mud

June 2009 cover

Vol.3 No.2 Jun 2009

John Eppel: Dog; Discarded

Caitlin Doyle: The Doll Museum

Harry Ricketts: Review: Better than God

Sept 2009 cover

Vol.3 No.3 Sep 2009

Kirsty Gunn: Review: The Spare Room

Jackie Wills: Mackerel shoal

Vincent O'Sullivan: Daddy Drops a Line; As for symptoms, Dr Jung

Anita Mason: Review: For Pepper and Christ

Warwick Review Dec   2009

Vol.3 No.4 Dec 2009

New Writing from Zimbabwe

Fiction by Keith Botsford, Thomas Docherty, Susan Wicks

Poetry by William Logan, Sean O'Brien, Penelope Shuttle

Vol.2 No.1 Mar 2008

Elizabeth Smither: The Hippocratic Oath

Enda Wyley: Gold Wallpaper

Vincent O'Sullivan: Review: The Bridge of the Golden Horn

jun 2008 cover

Vol.2 No.2 Jun 2008

Peter Robinson: Ode to Debt

Roo Borson: Baxter's Grave

Jonathan Heawood: Beyond Blasphemy


Vol.2 No.3 Sep 2008

Cris Mazza: Junior Year

Kate Braverman: What Women of the Ports Know

Jennifer Clement: This was when you could still be killed for love

Tess Taylor: Altogether Elsewhere

Vol.2 No.4 Dec 2008 cover

Vol.2 No.4 Dec 2008

Chris Miller: Review: Collected Critical Writings of Geoffrey Hill

Tiffany Atkinson: Review: Shades of the Sublime & Beautiful and Comus: A Dialogic Mask

John Muckle: Poor Richard's Almanac


Vol.1 No.1 March 2007 

Wes Lee: The Gardenia Girls

John Kinsella: Graphology 637

Also featuring new writing from Turkey and Australia, including work by Selçuk Altun, Latife Tekin, Asli Erdogan, Kevin Hart and Emma Jones.


Vol.1 No.2 June 2007

Anita Mason: Maize

Susan Stewart: The Owl

Keki N. Daruwalla: The Barbarians


Vol.1 No.3 Sept 2007

Jason Rezaian: Iran’s Brain Drain More of a Flow, Really

Bahram Sadeghi: Knotty Thread

Emma Jones: Ritornello

Rod Mengham: on John Ashbery


Vol.1 No.4 Dec 2007 

Louis Armand: Drinking at the Vandenberg

Taline Voskeritchian: No Place for a Widow

Fiona Sampson: Deep Water

March 2012 cover