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Vol.7 No.3 Sept 2013

    New Poetry from the US
Alan Shapiro   Two poems
Matthew Thorburn   Two poems
Grace Schulman   Two poems
Ellen Hinsey   The Illegal Age
Robert Watson   Is Vanity All
Michael Heller   Tower Views
Helen May Dennis   on D. Nurkse and Anne Stevenson
Sandeep Parmar   on Alfred Corn and C. D. Wright
William Bedford   on Dan O’Brien and C. K. Williams
Dan O’Brien   Two poems
B. H. Fairchild   Two poems
Jamie Ross   At the Edge of History
Debora Greger   Still Life with Dead Letter
Susan Stewart   Atavistic Sonnet
Steven Pelcman   A Gathering
Caley O’Dwyer
Blue Penumbra
Joey Connolly
on Jorie Graham
Sophie Cook   on John Ashbery
Roger Finch   Two poems
Philip Fried   Two poems
Jennifer Clement   America
J. D. McClatchy   Palm Beach Sightings
Erica Dawson   Florida Funeral
William Logan   Buzzkill
Jeanne Marie Beaumont   The Keeper
Lois Jones   Sastrugi
Oli Hazzard   on Jennifer Militello and Brenda Shaughnessy
John Greening   on Morri Creech, Katha Pollitt and Robert Wrigley
Claire Trévien   on Jodie Hollander, Kathryn Maris, Robert Peake, Matthew Thorburn
and Robert Vas Dias
Jeffrey Harrison   Two poems
Jodie Hollander   Two poems
Marilyn Hacker
  Two poems
Tony Barnstone
  The Empty Apartment
Don Russ
Robert Vas Dias
  When We Lived
William Gilson
  The Old Country
Philip Hoy and Philip Fried
  The Transatlantic Disconnect
Martin Goodman   Lessons from Cruising
Willis Barnstone   Ghost in the Morning Light
Katy Darby   The Mistake
Anita Mason   on Dany Laferriere
Charles Boyle   on Ron Rash
William Palmer
  on Andrew Crumey
C. K. Stead   Two poems
Peter Robinson   Two poems
Michael O’Neill   Two poems
Roger Caldwell  

In Difficult Times

Karen Shenfeld  

We All Come from Africa

Tim Liardet  

on Matthew Sweeney

Matthew Sweeney   Two poems
John Gohorry   Five Postcards from the Ile de Ré
Siriol Troup   We heard the ravens shriek at dawn
Susan Litsios  

Death Dream

William Oxley  

Discovered in Memory

Chris Miller  

on Tadeusz Rózewicz


Notes on contributors