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Vol.8 No.3 Sept 2014

    But why tell me this now?
John Saul   The Vanishing
Toby Litt   The Sandy
Louise Stern   from Ismael and His Sisters
Alan Mahar   from Huyton Suite
Andrew Crumey   on an anthology of Lithuanian writing
William Palmer   on Oleg Pavlov
Robert Graham   on Javier Cercas
Anita Mason   on Elvira Dones
Rowena Macdonald   on Michelle Lovric
    Case Studies
W. D. Jackson   from Case Studies
    Nothing if not luminous
Gregory O’Brien   Luminosity
Simon Rae   on Kit Wright
John Greening   on Stephen Kampa
John Levett   Two poems
Lynne Hjelmgaard   Two poems
John Goodby   Two poems
John Goodby   interviewed by Barry Sheils and Julie Walsh
Gerard Smyth   Two poems
Cliff Forshaw   Two poems
Chris Miller   on Jean Portante, Fabio Pusterla, Valérie Rouzeau and Pedro Serrano
John Gohorry   Three poems from Lanzarote
Helen Grant   Eurostar Sleep
Maria Taylor   Ferry
Sophie Cook   on Carrie Etter, V. Penelope Pelizzon and J. L. Williams
Tony Roberts   on Simon Curtis, Roy Marshall, Andrew Waterman and John Hartley Williams
Belinda Cooke   on Richard James Allen, Carmen Bugan, Michael O’Neill and Susanna Roxman
    Notes on contributors