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The Writers' Room - Millburn House

Writing Atelier. Writer’s Workshop Room. Writer’s Boardroom. Writer's Library. Writer’s Surgery. Live Literature in Performance Venue. E-Writing Space. Writers’ Cinema. Publishing House. The Writers' Room is now all of these things.

The room is available to book by Creative Writing staff and students only.

The Writers’ Room can metamorphose quickly and simply, if you make it do so.

As The Writers’ Room develops we shall also look at ways to adapt the outdoor areas, using conservation techniques to increase species diversity hand-in-hand with creating open-air workshop and performance spaces for writing, and spaces for public textual art.

  • Please make all bookings of The Writers’ Room on-line.
  • Please observe strictly the procedure for borrowing and returning books, DVDs and magazines from The Writers’ Room Archive (note: this Archive has been made possible entirely through donations).
  • Please will the last person to use the room ensure that the windows are all closed and secured, the blinds are down, the lights are off, and both doors are locked and return key to the English Office.
  • Please bin any rubbish, and wash up using the nearby kitchen. Leave The Writers’ Room as you would hope to find it. Clean the whiteboard if you would.
  • If you have set up one of the energetic configurations for The Writers’ Room – such as Live Performance Venue – please place equipment and staging to The Store, and return the room to a calm configuration.
  • Please have at least three creative thoughts while you are here.
  • Please act on them.