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The Writers Room Library

The Writer's Room Library is a collection of books, poetry, plays and other creative materials. It includes works by Warwick-based authors and a variety of educational materials.

This is a new resource. A full catalogue appears below. Please send a short review of any of these books to and your review will be published on the website.


Organised by Author, Title, Publisher, Quantity

Loans are for a week only. Take the book and a borrower slip, fill out the borrower slip, and leave in the library.

Many thanks go to the hero student-writers who helped compile this catalogue:

Becci Fearnley, Charlotte Jones, Anna Lea, Matthew Richardson ...

Thanks to their work, the library is now open.

Professor David Morley

& Co.; A Book in a Day; Warwick Arts Centre.

Abbs, Peter & John Richardson, The Forms of Narrative, Cambridge University Press

Abbs, Peter & John Richardson, The Forms of Poetry, Cambridge University Press

Addonizio, Kim & Dorianne Laux, The Poet’s Companion, W. W. Norton & Company

Alexander, Peter F., Les Murray: A Life in Progress, Oxford University Press

(Ed.) Allen, Walter, Writers on Writing, The Writer, Inc

Anderson, Linda, Autobiography, Routledge

(Ed.) Anderson, Linda, Creative Writing: A Workbook with Readings, Routledge

Ang, Arlene; Seeing Birds in Church is a Kind of Adieu; Cinnamon Press.

Appignanesi, Lisa, The Things We Do for Love, HarperCollins

Aristotle, The Art of Rhetoric, Penguin Books

Areté: Issue Sixteen / Winter 2004

Areté: Issue Eighteen / Autumn 2005

Areté: Issue Twenty / Summer 2006

Armitage, Simon; Gig: the Life and Times of a Rock-star Fantasist; Penguin Viking.

Atkins, Chris, Sarah Bee & Fiona Button, Taking Liberties, Revolver Books

Attridge, Derek, Poetic Rhythm: An Introduction, Cambridge University Press

Atwood, Margaret, Negotiating with the Dead, Virago

Tony Augarde, Oxford Guide to Word Games, Oxford University Press

(Ed.) Bala, Iwan, Groundbreaking: The Artist in the Changing Landscape, Seren Books

Bamforth, Iain, The Good European, Carcanet Press

Barrington, Judith, Writing the Memoir, The Eighth Mountain Press

Batty, Mark, About Pinter: The Playwright & the Work, Faber and Faber

Bell, James Scott, Plot & Structure, Writer’s Digest Books

(Eds) Bell, Julia & Paul Magrs, The Creative Writing Coursebook, Macmillan

Bell, Madison Smartt, Narrative Design, W. W. Norton & Company

Bennett, Andrew & Nicholas Royle, Introduction to Literature, Criticism and Theory, Pearson Longman

Benson, Peter, The Shape of Clouds, Sceptre

Bernays, Anne & Pamela Painter, What If?, Quill

Berry, Cicely, Your Voice & How to Use It, Virgin Books

Berryman, John, Dream Songs, Faber and Faber

Blake, Carole, From Pitch to Publication, Macmillan

Blegvad, Peter et al. (Eds Hilda Hawkins & Danielle Olsen), The Phantom Museum, Profile Books, 2 copies

Blegvad, Peter, The Book of Leviathan, Sort Of Books

Bly, Carol, Beyond the Writers’ Workshop, Anchor Books

Bickham, Jack M., The 38 Most Common Writing Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them), Writer’s Digest Books

Boden, Margaret A., The Creative Mind: Myths and Mechanisms, Second Ed., Routledge

Booker, Christopher, The Seven Basic Plots, Continuum

Boon, Richard, About Hare: The Playwright and the Work, Faber and Faber

(Introduced by) Botton, Alain de (Eds Andrew Holgate & Honor Wilson-Fletcher), The Cost of Letters, Waterstone’s, 2 copies

Boulter, Joanna, Twenty Four Preludes & Fugues on Dmitri Shostakovich, Arc Publications

Brande, Dorothea, Becoming a Writer, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin

Brigley, Zoë, The Secret, Bloodaxe Books

(Ed.) Brogan, Kathryn S., 2005 Writer’s Market, Writer’s Digest Books

Brook, Peter, The Empty Space, Penguin Books

Brower, Reuben A., Mirror on Mirror, Harvard University Press

Browne, Renni & Dave King, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Second Ed., HarperCollins

Brownjohn, Alan, Collected Poems, Enitharmon

Buchler, Alexandra: 'Six Czech Poets', Arc, 2008

Bullock, Richard, The Norton Field Guide to Writing, W. W. Norton & Company

Burns, Jennifer & Loredana Polezzi, Borderlines: Migrazioni e Identità Nel Novecento

Burroway, Janet, Imaginative Writing: The Elements of Craft, Longman Publishers

Burroway, Janet, Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft, Sixth Ed., Longman Publishers

Burroway, Janet & Elizabeth Stuckey-French, Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft, Seventh Ed., Pearson Longman

Byrne, Paula: Mad World: Evelyn Waugh and the Secrets of Brideshead

Campton, David: ‘Becoming a playwright’, Hale, 1

Cameron, Julia: ‘The Artist’s way’, Pan, 1

Casterton, Julia: ‘Creative Writing- a practical guide’, Palgrave Macmillan, 1

Cixous, Helene: ‘Three steps on the ladder of writing’, Columbia, 1

Clay, Steven: ‘A Secret Location on the Lower East Side’, Granary, 1

Coe, Jonathan: ‘What a Carve Up!’, Penguin, 1

Coe, Jonathan: ‘The Closed Circle’, Penguin, 2

Coe, Jonathan: ‘Like a Fiery Elephant’, Picador, 2

Coe, Jonathan: ‘The Rotters’ Club’, Penguin, 1

Coe, Jonathan: ‘The Accidental Woman’, Penguin 1

Coe, Jonathan: ‘A touch of Love’, Penguin, 1

Coe, Jonathan: ‘The House Of Sleep’, Penguin, 1

Coe, Jonathan: 'The Rain Before It Falls', Penguin, 2007

Coe, Mandy: ‘Our Thoughts are Bees’, Wordplay Press, 1

Coles, Don; Someone Has Stayed in Stockholm; Arc .

Collins, Brandilyn: ‘Getting Into Character’, Wiley, 1

Cooper, Jane: ‘The Flashboat’, Norton, 1

Coover, Robert: ‘Stepmother’, McSweeneys, 1

Coult, Tony: ‘About Friel: the Playwright and the Work’, Faber and Faber, 1

Cowley, Malcolm: ‘Writers at Work’, Secker and Warburg, 1

Cox, Ailsa: ‘Writing Short Stories’, Routledge, 1

Crowe, Dan: ‘How I Write- The Secret Lives of Authors’, Rizzoli, 1

Crucefix, Martyn: ‘An English Nazareth’, Enitharmon, 1

Crumb, R: ‘Coffee Table Art Book’, Bloomsbury, 1

Curtis, Tony: ‘As The Poet Said’, Poetry Ireland, 1

Curtis, Tony: ‘How Poets Work’, Seren, 1

ed. Cumberledge, Geoffrey; Marlowe's Tragical History of Dr Faustus & Goethe: Faust Part 1. Oxford University Press.

Cutler, Ivor: ‘Gruts’, Methuen, 1

Dawson, Paul: ‘Creative Writing and the New Humanities’, Routledge, 1

Day, Gary: ‘British Poetry from the 1950’s to the 1990’s’, Macmillan, 1

Deane, John F; A Little Book of Hours; Carcanet

Delanty, Greg: ‘Collected Poems’, Carcanet, 1

Donaghy, Michael: ‘101 Poems About Childhood’, Faber and Faber, 1

Doughty, Louise: 'A Novel in a Year', Simon and Schuster, 2007

Doughty, Louise; Fires In the Dark; Pocket Books.

Edgar, Christopher: ‘Educating the Imagination- volume 2’, Teachers and Writers, 2

Egri, Lajos: ‘The Art of Dramatic Writing’, Touchstone, 1

Eisner, Will: ‘Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative’, Impact, 1

Eshleman, Clayton: ‘Conductors of the Pit’, Soft Skull Press, 2

Eshleman, A Grindstone of Rapportr

Evaristo, Bernardine and Maggie Gee, 'NW15: New Writing', Granta, 2007

Fauconnier, Gilea and Turner, Mark, ‘The way we think - Conceptual blending and the mind’s hidden complexities’, Basic Books

Figura, Martin; This Man's Army; Dewi Lewis Publishing.

Flaubert, Gustave; Mme Bovary; Everyman.

Fletcher, John; ‘About Beckett: the Playwright & the Work’, Faber and Faber

Forbes, Peter; ‘Scanning the Century’, Penguin Books

Forster, Julia; ‘Muses – Revealing the nature of inspiration’, Pocket essentials

Fortey, Richard; The Secret Life of the Natural History Museum; Harper Perennial.

Foyle Young Poets of the Year 10th Anniversary anthology x 2

Fraser, GS; ‘Metre, Rhyme and Free Verse – The critical idiom 8’, Methuen

Freedman, Diane P and Frey, Olivia; ‘Autobiographical writing across the disciplines’, Duke

Freely, John: 'Istanbul: The Imperial City', Penguin Books, 1998

Freely, Maureen, Enlightenment, Marion Boyars

Frye, Northrop; ‘Fearful Symmetry – A study of William Blake’, Princeton

Gardner, John; ‘On Writers and Writing’, Perseus Publishing

Geoege, Don; ‘Travel Writing’, Lonely Planet

Gerard, Philip; ‘Creative Nonfiction – Researching and Crafting Stories of Real Life’, Story Press

Gilliver Peter, ‘The Ring of Words – Tolkien and the Oxford English Dictionary’, OUP

Goff, Martyn Ed; ‘Prize Writing’, Sceptre

Goldberg, Natalie; ‘Writing down the bones’, Shambala

Golding, Arthur; ‘Ovid’s Metamorphoses’ Fyfield Books

Goldsworthy, Vesna; ‘Chernobyl Strawberries’ Atlantic Books

Gottschall, Jonathan and Wilson, David Sloan; The Literary Animal’, Northwestern University Press

Graham, Robert; ‘How to write fiction (And think about it)’, Palgrave

Granta: 101 and 103 'The Rise of the British Jihad'

Gray, Simon; ‘The year of the Jouncer’ Granta

Gross, Philip; ‘ The Egg of Zero’, Bloodaxe

Guin, Ursula K Le; ‘Steering the craft’; The eight mountain press

Gutkind, Lee; ‘The art of creative non fiction,’ Wiley

Hardy Thomas; Life's Little Ironies; Wordsworth Classics.

Hart, David: ‘Running Out’, Five Seasons Press, 2

Heffron, Jack: ‘The Best Writing on Writing’, Story Press, 1

Herliany, Dorothea Rosa: ‘Kill the Radio’, Arc, 1

Hershman, D. Jablow: ‘Manic Depression and Creativity, Prometheus Books, 1

Hofstadter, Douglas R: ‘Godel, Escher, Bach-An Eternal Golden Braid’, Penguin, 1

Holloway, Geoffrey: ‘Collected Poems’, Arrowhead, 1

Hughes, Derek: ‘Culture and Sacrifice’, Cambridge, 1

Hughes, Ted: ‘By Heart-101 Poems to Remember’, Faber and Faber, 1

Hulse, Michael: ‘The New Poetry’, Bloodaxe, 1

Hunt, Celia: ‘Writing- Self and Reflexivity’, Palgrave, 1

Hunt, Celia: ‘Therapeutic Dimensions of Autobiography’, Jessica Kingsley, 1

Hunter, Jim: ‘About Stoppard: the Playwright and the Work’, Faber and Faber, 1

Huxley, Aldous; Limbo; Chatto & Windus.

Huxley, Aldous, On the Margin, Chatto & Windus

Huxley, Aldous, Crome Yellow, Chatto & Windus

Huxley, Aldous, Jesting Pilate, Chatto & Windus

Huxley, Aldous, Little Mexican, Chatto & Windus

Huxley, Aldous, Proper Studies, Chatto & Windus

Huxley, Aldous, Along The Road, Chatto & Windus

Huxley, Aldous, Mortal Coils, Chatto & Windus

Huxley, Aldous, Those Barren Leaves, Chatto & Windus

Hyde, Lewis: ‘The Gift’, Cannongate, 1

Jolly, Alice: 'If Only You Knew', Pocket Books, 2006

Jones, Derek (ed.): 'Censorship: A World Encyclopaedia' (Vol.s 1-4), Fitzroy Dearboin Publishers, 2001

Kaplan, Tony: ‘The November Tree’, Book Chase Ltd, 1

Kempton, Gloria: ‘Dialogue’, Writer’s Digest Books, 2

Kennedy, A.L., Everything You Need, Vintage

Kennedy, A.L., Indelible Acts, Vintage

Kennedy, A.L., Night Geometry and the Garscadden Trains, Vintage

Kennedy, A.L., Now That You're Back, Vintage

Kennedy, A.L., Paradise, Vintage

Kennedy, A.L., On Bullfighting

Kennedy, A.L., So I Am Glad, Vintage

Kennelly, Brendan: ‘Now’, Bloodaxe, 1

King, Stephen: ‘On Writing’, nel, 1

Kiberd, Declan: ‘The Flowering Tree’, Wolfhound, 1

Kinsella, John; Eschatologies; Fremantle Arts Centre Press.

Kluitenberg, Erik: ‘Book of Imaginary Media’, Debalie, 1

Knight, Stephen: ‘Sardines- and other poems’, Picador, 1

Knowlson, James: ‘Damned To Fame- The Life of Samuel Beckett’, Bloomsbury, 1

Koch, Kenneth: ‘I Never Told Anybody’, Teachers and Writers Collaborative, 1

Koch, Kenneth: ‘Rose, Where Did You Get That Red?’, Vintage, 1

Koch, Kenneth: ‘Wishes, Lies and Dreams’, Harper Perennial, 1

Koestler, Arthur: ‘The Act Of Creation’, Picador, 1

Kress, Nancy: ‘Beginnings, Middles and Ends’, Writer’s Digest Books, 2 copies

Kress, Nancy: ‘Characters, Emotion and Viewpoint’, Writer’s Digest Books, 1

Kundera, Milan: ‘The Art of The Novel’, Perennial Classics, 1

Lakoff, George: ‘Metaphors We Live By’, Chicago, 1

Lakoff, George: ‘Philosophy in the Flesh’, Basic Books, 1

Larkin, Peter: ‘Leaves of a Field’, Shearsrman Books, 1

Lamott, Anne: ‘Some Instructions on Writing and Life’, Anchor Books, 1

Landry, Charles: ‘The Creative City’, Earthscan, 1

Latif, Tariq: 'The Punjabi Weddings', Arc, 2007

Leahy, Anna: ‘Power and Identity in the Creative Writing Classroom’, Multilingual Matters, 1

Leeson, Edward: ‘The Times Book of English Verse’, Times Books, 1

Legat, Michael: ‘Writing Your Life Story’, Hale, 1

Le Guin, Ursula: ‘The Wave in the Mind’, Shambhala, 1

Lennard, John: ‘The Poetry Handbook’, Oxford, 1

Lessing, Dorris: ‘The Grass is Singing’, Flamingo, 1

Lessing, Dorris: ‘Martha Quest’, Flamingo, 1

Lessing, Dorris: ‘The Cleft’, Fourth Estate 1

Lessing, Dorris: ‘Time Bites’, Fourth Estate, 1

Lessing, Dorris: ‘A Proper Marriage’, Flamingo, 1

Lian, Yang: ‘Concentric Circles’, Bloodaxe, 1

Lipska, Ewa; White Strawberries; Wydawnictwo Literackie.

Lockwood, Michael: ‘The Labyrinth of Time’, Oxford, 1

Lodge, David: ‘The Practice of Writing’, Penguin, 1

Lodge, David: ‘The Art of Fiction’, Penguin, 1

Lopez, Potter: ‘After Postmodernism’, Continuum, 1

Lott, Tim: ‘The Seymour Tapes’, Penguin Viking, 1

Lovejoy, Margot: ‘Digital Currents: Art in the Electronic Age’, Routledge, 1

Lukeman, Noah: ‘The First Five Pages’, Fireside, 1

Lukeman, Noah: 'The Art of Punctuation', OUP, 2007

Loydell, Rupert M: ‘A Conference of Voices’, Shearsman, 1

Magarshack, David; ‘Turgenev’ Faber

Maguire, Sarah; ‘A green thought in a green shade’, The Poetry Society

Marchant, Ian; Parallel Lines; Bloomsbury.

Marshall, Evan; ‘The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing’, Writer’s Digest Books

McMillan, Terry; ‘Bresking Ice – An Anthology of Contemporary African American Fiction’, Vintage

McInerney, Jay, ‘Cowboys, Indians and Commuters’, Viking

Melville, Herman; ‘The best of Herman Melville, Castle

Messud, Clare; ‘The last life’, Picador

Meyer, Thomas; ‘At dusk Iridescent’ Jargon

Mieville, China, King Rat, Pan

Mieville, China, Perdido Street Station, Pan

Mieville, China, Iron Council, Pan

Mieville, China, The Scar, Pan

Miller, Karl, ‘Authors’, Clarendon Press

Miller, Kei; Kingdom of Empty Bellies’, Heaventree

Mills, Paul; ‘ The Routledge Creative Writing Course book’, Routledge

Moore, Alan; ‘Alan Moore’s Writing for Comics’, Avatar Press

Montelone, Tom ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing a Novel’ Alpha

Morley, David ‘The Invisible Kings’ Carcanet 2 COPIES

Morley, David ‘No Longer Poetry: New Romanian Poetry’ Heaventree

Morley, David (Ed) ‘The Greatest Gift’ Talisman Print Services

Morley, David (Ed) ‘The Gift’ Stride 2 COPIES

Morley, David ‘The Cambridge Introduction to Creative Writing’ Cambridge University Press

Morley, David ‘Under the Rainbow: Writers & Artists in Schools’ Bloodaxe

Morley, David ‘A Belfast Kiss’ Smith/Doorstop

Morley, David ‘Scientific Papers’ Carcanet

Morley, David ‘Releasing Stone’ Nanholme Press

Morley, David ‘Ludus Coventriae’ Prest Roots Press

Morley, David & Brown, Andy ‘Of Science’ Worple Press

Morley, David ‘Mandelstam Variations’ Littlewood

Morley, David (Ed) Phoenix New Writing, Heaventree Press

Morley, David (Ed), Dove Release: new flights and voices. Worple Press.

Morrison, Toni ‘Sula’ Picador

Morrison, Toni ‘Tar Baby’ Picador

Mort, Graham: 'Visibility: New and Selected Poems', Seren, 2007

Moustaki, Nikki ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing Poetry’ Alpha

Mullan, John ‘How Novels Work’ Oxford University Press

Muller, Herta; The Appointment; Metropolitan Books.

Munden, Paul (ed.), Feeling the Pressure: Poetry and Science of Climate Change, British Council 2008

Murray, John (ed) ‘Water Baby: Panurge New Fiction’ Panurge Publishing

Myers, D.G. ‘The Elephants Teach: Creative Writing Since 1880’ Prentice Hall

Nettle, Daniel, Strong Imagination, Oxford University Press

Neubauer, Joan R., From Memories to Manuscript, Ancestry

Novakovich, Josip, Fiction Writer’s Workshop, Story Press

Nowottny, Winifred: The Language Poets Use. Athlone.

(Eds) Newman, Jenny, Edmund Cusick & Aileen La Tourette, The Writer’s Workbook, Second Ed., Arnold Publishers

Newstrom, John & Edward Scannell, The Big Book of Business Games, McGraw-Hill

Obstfeld, Raymond, Novelist’s Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes, Writer’s Digest Books

(Ed.) O’Hare, Mick, Why Don’t Penguins’ Feet Freeze?, Profile Books

Olsen, Tillie, Silences, The Feminist Press

Onetti, Juan Carlos; The Shipyard; Serpent's Tail.

Ostrom, Hans, Wendy Bishop & Katherine Haake, Metro: Journeys in Writing Creatively, Addison-Wesley/Longman

Padgett, Ron ‘The Straight Line: Writings on Poetry & Poets’ University of Michigan Press

Padgett, Ron ‘Creative Reading: What it is, how to do it & why.’ NCTE

Pamuk, Orhan, Istanbul, Faber, tr. Maureen Freely

Pamuk, Orhan, The Black Book, Faber, tr. Maureen Freely

Pamuk, Orhan, My Name is Read, tr. Maureen Freely

Pamuk, Orhan, Snow, tr. Maureen Freely

Perutz, Max ‘I Wish I’d Made you Angry Earlier: Essays on Science, Scientists & Humanity’ Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

Pfenninger, Karl H. ‘The Origins of Creativity’ OUP

Philips, Deborah (Ed) ‘Writing Well: Creative Writing & Mental Health’ Jessica Kingsley

Hemingway, Ernest ‘On Writing’ Scribner

Phoenix Architecture / Art / Regeneration. Black Dog

Pople, Ian ‘An Occasional Lean-to’ Arc.

Porter Abbott, H ‘The Cambridge introduction to Narrative’ Cambridge University Press.

Postlethwaite, Pete; A Spectacle of Dust; Weidenfeld & Nicholson.

Pritchett, V.S. ‘Essential Stories’ Modern Library / Random House

Queneau, Raymond ‘Exercises in Style’ New Directions

Rae, Simon; Grass; Top Edge Press; 1

Rae, Simon; Shakespeare’s Hamlet Cut to the Bone; Top Edge Press; 1

Rainer, Tristine; Your life as Story; Writing the New Biography; G P Putnam’s Sons; 1

Rand, Ayn; The Art of Fiction; Plume; 1

Rand, Ayn; Answers; New American Library; 1

Rand, Ayn; The Art of Fiction; Plume; 1

Rao, Mani; Echolocation; Chamelion Press; 1

Redgrove, Peter; The Harper; Cape Poetry; 1

Redgrove; Peter; A speaker for the Silver Goddess; Stride Publications; 2

Rhodes; Jewell Parker; The African American Guide to writing and publishing non-fiction; Broadway Booka/ New York; 1

Ritter, R. M; New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors; Oxford University Press; 1

Ritter; R M; The Oxford Guide to Style; Oxford University Press; 1

Rodenburgh, Patsy; The Right to Speak; Working with the Voice; Methuen Publishing; 1

Roffey, Monique; With The Kisses of His Mouth. Simon & Schuster.

Roget's Thesaurus; Penguin.

Rogow; Zack; The face of poetry; University of California Press; 1

Rouband, Jacques; The plurality of Worlds of Lewis; Dalkey Archives Press; 1

Rozelle, Ron; Description and Setting; F. W Publications Inc; 2 copies

Sampson, Fiona: The Healing Word; Poetry Places; 1

Sampson; Fiona; Creative Writing in Health and Social Care; Jessica Kingsley Publishers; 1

Sampson; Fiona; On Listening; Salt Publishers; 1

Sansom; Peter; Writing Poems; Bloodaxe Books; 1

Scahefer, Candice and Diamond, Rick; The Creative Writing Guide; Longman Inc. ; 1

Schmidt, Michael; New Poetries III; An Anthology; Carcanet; 1

Schmidt, Michael; The Story of Poetry; Weidenfeld and Nicolson; 1

Schneider, Myra; Images of Women by Contemporary women poets; Arrowhead Press; 1

Seeley, John; Oxford A – Z of grammar and punctuation; Oxford University Press; 1

Shapard, Robert and Thomas, James; Sudden Fiction Continued; 60 New Short Stories; W. W. Norton and Company; 1

Shapard, Robert and Thomas, James; Sudden Fiction International; W. W. Norton and Company; 1

Shapard, Robert and Thomas, James; Sudden Fiction; American Short Stories; Gibbs. Smith Publisher (Salt Lake City Publishing); 1

Shapiro, Nancy Larson and Padgett, Ron; The Point Where Teaching and Writing Intersect; Teachers and Writers New York; 1

Shell, Marc; Stutter, Harvard University Press; 1

Showalter, Elaine; A Literature of Their Own; From Charlotte Bronte to Doris Lessing; Virago Press, 1

Sinclair, Andrew; Patron is Not a Dirty Word; WH Smith Contemporary Papers; 1

Sinclair, Iain; The Verbals; Worple Press; 1

Silkin, John; The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry; Penguin Books; 1

Skelton, Robin; The Practice of Poetry; Heinemann Educational Books Limited; 1

Smith, Mark Kelly and Kraynak, Joe; The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Slam Poetry; Alpha; 1

Soanes, Catherine and Ferguson, Sheila; The Oxford A – Z of spelling; Oxford Universirt Press; 1

Stein, Sol; Solutions for Writers; Souvenir Press; 1

Stevenson, Robert Louis; The Lantern Bearers and Other Essays; Cooper Square Press; 1

Steward, Victoria; About O’Casey; The Playwright and The Work; Faber and Faber Publishing; 1

Strand, Mark and Boland, Eavan; The Making of a Poem; W. W Norton and Company; 1

Strauss, Leo; Persecution and the Art of Writing; The University of Chicago Press; 1

Strunk JR, William and White, EB; The Elements of Style (Fourth Edition); Longman Publishers; 1

Styron, William; Sophie's Choice; Picador.

Sullivan, Rosemary; Poetry by Canadian Women; Oxford University Press; 1

Sweeney, Matthew and Williams, John Hartley; Writing Poetry (Teach Yourself); Teach Yourself; Hodder Education; 1

Todd, Richard ‘Consuming Fictions: The Booker Prize and Fiction in Britain Today’ Bloomsbury

Treglown, Jeremy ‘V.S. Pritchett A Working Life’ Pimlico

Turner, Barry (Ed) ‘The Writer’s Handbook 2006’ Macmillan

U.E.A. Anthology: 'Cheque Enclosed', UEA, 2007

Vogler, Christopher; The Writers’ Journey; Mythic Structures for Storytellers and Screenwriters; Pan Books; 1

Wainwright, Jeffrey ‘Poetry – the Basics’ Routledge

Waldman, Anne (Ed) ‘The Angel Hair Anthology’ Granary Books

Walsh, Maurice; Sons of the Sword Maker; Chambers.

Walsh, Pat ’78 Reasons your book may never be published and 14 reasons it just might.’ Penguin.

Welsh, Irvine ‘Marabou Stork Nightmares’ Jonathan Cape

Whitworth, John ‘Writing Poetry’ A & C Black

Wiesner, Karen S. ‘First Draft in 30 Days (Novel Writing)’ F & W Publications

Wiggins, Marianne ‘Separate Checks’ Flamingo

Williams, C.K. ‘New & Selected Poems’ Bloodaxe

Williams, C.K. ‘Poems 1963 – 1983 Bloodaxe

Wills, Jackie, 'Commandments', Arc, 2007

The Wit and Wisdom of Great Writers, Raven Books, 2007

Witts, Richard ‘Artist Unknown: An Alternative History of the Arts Council’ Little, Brown & Co

Woolf, Jurgen: 'Your Writing Coach', Nicholas Brealley, 2007

Woolfson, Esther 'Corvus: A Life with Birds' 1

Zeilinski, Siegrfied and Link, David; Varianthology 2; Verlag der Buchhandlung (Walter Konig, Koln); 1

Zinsser, William; On Writing Well; The Classic Guide to Writing Fiction; Collins Reference; 1

Old books