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Post-colonial Cinemas

This module offers students the opportunity to study postcolonial film from different historical and national contexts and via a range of political and technological shifts. It will explore the changing relationship between colonialism and film through the course of the twentieth century and beyond, introducing students to key issues and allowing them to delve much deeper into specific examples. The module begins by interrogating cinemas of and as Empire with an emphasis upon Anglo-American history, its ‘imperial gaze’ and neo-colonial Hollywood. It will then move on to explore various case studies of colonial, de-colonial or anti-colonial film (for example, Indian cinema, third cinema or Palestinian film) and to consider key related themes such as questions of diaspora (via Accented cinema) or of the digital (via online activist film). This approach, which thinks textually, contextually and geopolitically, will provide students with a solid understanding of this well-established but still unfolding field whilst furthering their analytical and critical skills to allow them to enter confidently into its debates. The module will involve lectures, group work and presentations by students.


Module Leader

Dr Michele Aaron

Michele Aaron