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Dr Matt Denny


Senior Sessional Tutor & Associate Fellow

Email: m dot denny at warwick dot ac dot uk
Room A0.25
Millburn House
University of Warwick
Coventry, CV4 7HS


I am an Associate Fellow of the department of Film Television Studies, and work as a Senior Sessional Tutor convening the Discovering Cinema Module. I previously completed both undergraduate and postgraduate study in the department. I hold a First Class BA in Film and Literature, an MA For Research in Film and Television Study, and earned my PhD in Film and Television Studies in 2016. My doctoral thesis is concerned with theories of film authorship and postmodern cinema. I am the co-editor of a special issue of Film-Philosophy with Prof. Catherine Constable (Warwick) and Dr Timotheus Vermeulen (Oslo)

Current Teaching

I am the module convener for Discovering Cinema. I am also responsible for organising the first year student skills module FTV101, as well as contributing to the IATL module Genetics: Science and Society. I have previously taught on Hollywood Cinema, Postmodern Hollywood and Film Aesthetics.

Research Interests

  • Film Theory; particularly theories of film authorship, postmodernism, and post-structuralist theory and film
  • Contemporary Hollywood Cinema; specialising in action cinema and post-classical style
  • Horror Cinema; with particular interest in British Horror cinema, definitions of the gothic, and folk horror
  • Film philosophy; Nietzsche, R.G. Collingwood's theory of art, and the posthuman


‘Deconstructing Depth: Proximity and Contemplation in Déjà Vu’, Film-Philosophy Special Issue: The Surfaces of Film-Philosophy, 22:2, (2018) 240-260 [available here]

‘Introduction: The Surfaces of Film-Philosophy’, Film-Philosophy Special Issue: The Surfaces of Film-Philosophy, 22:2, (2018) 143-147 (co-author) [available here]

‘In Celebration of Her Wickedness?: Critical Intertextuality and the Female Vampire in Byzantium’, chapter in forthcoming collection on Gender and Horror cinema, edited by Steven Gerrard, Samantha Holland, and Robert Shail [forthcoming 2019]

‘Don’t Call it a Horror Film: The Uses of the Gothic in Crimson Peak’ [forthcoming]

Conference Papers

Tony Scott's Déjà Vu (2006): Looking Again at Spectacle, Style, and Substance
Film-Philosophy Conference, 20th – 22nd June 2015, Oxford University

In Celebration of Her Wickedness? Critical Intertextuality and the Female Vampire in Byzantium
Fear 2000 Conference, 21st – 22nd April 2017, Sheffield Hallam University

Don’t Call it a Horror Film: The Uses of the Gothic in Crimson Peak
Gothic Feminisms Conference, 24th – 26th May 2017, University of Kent Canterbury

The Postmodern Auteur: A New Wave Legacy
The American New Wave: A Retrospective, 4th – 6th July 2017, Bangor University

‘Robotic Revenants and Machine Ghosts: Posthuman Hauntings in Transcendence and Be Right Back
CATH Postgraduate Conference: ‘It is true, we shall be monsters’: new perspectives on horror, science fiction and the monstrous onscreen, 13th June 2018, De Montfort University,

‘Gothic, Folk, and Post: Labels and Value in Horror Cinema’
International Gothic association Conference 2018: Gothic Hybridities: Interdisciplinary, Multimodal and Transhistorical Approaches, July 31st–August 3rd 2018, Manchester Metropolitan University [forthcoming]

‘Acting Like He has Genuine Emotions: Human and Inhuman Characters in 2001: A Space Odyssey
Character as Character: Understanding and Appreciating People in films, 13th October 2018, University of Bristol 2018 [forthcoming]

‘“The Field … The Field … It’s Covered in Blood!”: Watership Down as Folk Horror’
The legacy of Watership Down: Animals, Adaptation, Animation, 10th November 2018, The University of Warwick [forthcoming]

AI and Gender Trouble Podcast

I appear as one of the contributors to the Gender and AI Podcast, a project devised and organised by Dr Nike Jung

Both sessions of the podcast are available now to stream

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