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IDEA Workshops



videocast1.jpgWorkshop One 12 March 2011
Ethnicity and Clinical Trials

videocast1.jpgWorkshop Two 16 April
Diabetes and Ethnicity


Workshop Three 4 June 2011
Obesity, Ethnicity and Health


Addressing specific highly contested areas in current health research [clinical trials, diabetes and obesity], the workshop series will serve as a forum uniting leading researchers with well-placed research-users. Each health topic will be addressed by research users who can speak directly to the problems they face in locating high quality data, and in translating research findings into ethnically appropriate practice, provision and policy. IDEA convenors and forum members will bring their experience and disciplinary resources to bear on these problems, and work to discover potential solutions. As a group, we will identify the barriers that obstruct knowledge transfer, and hamper efforts to address persistent health inequalities and poor health outcomes among ethnic minority groups. Over the course of our three meetings, the 12th of March, 16th of April, and 4th of June 2011, we will work to develop appropriate research quality standards and build an interdisciplinary tool-kit of questions and approaches to ethnicity and health. IDEA convenors will present our collective findings at the 2011 annual conference of Society for Social Medicine. We are very hopeful that this work will lead to better quality and more readily transferable research in the field, and to the development of new collaborations for future research.

The workshops themselves will be small, comprising a strong cohort of selected researchers with standing in their respective fields. Attendance at the seminars will necessarily be limited to ensure that a spread of expertise and interests are represented at each workshop. However, we also invite active participation in the IDEA forum by a team of 'virtual' foundation members who will offer wide-ranging commentary on research-user presentations, circulated draft conclusions and recommendations from each workshop. We will further extend access to IDEA's collective resources by presenting key workshop presentations, discussions and commentaries as webinars, accessible and publicised to medical practitioners, health professionals and the wider public (see links above). All foundation members, virtual and actual, will be credited for their contributions and may accrue CPD credits; webinar users may accrue CPD credits, and their comments and reflections will be incorporated via publication on IDEA's website.