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Spanish Cultural Grammar


Useful Materials for Learning Spanish Grammar


The aim of this selection of Spanish examples, which consists of proverbs, popular rhymes, excerpts from plays, etc., is to provide extra support for book courses. The main consideration in making this selection is to consolidate the grammar within a cultural context; therefore, all the examples are arranged into chosen grammatical points. It is hoped that the students will enjoy learning and recognising the grammatical difficulties. The selection is intended to be used for independent study. I would like to thank my colleagues Mr. Anthony Tarrant and Mrs. Teresa Mackinnon for their invaluable advice and help in completing this project.

Salvador Ortiz –Carboneres

Honorary Associate Professor,

The Language Centre,

University of Warwick


1. Articles and nouns


2. Adjectives

3. Adverbs


4. Infinitives

5. To Be SER and To Be ESTAR


6. Conjunctions

7. The Present Tense


8. Querer = to want and to love

9. Dormir = to sleep


10. Gustar = to like

11. The Continuous Tense


12. To Have

13. The Year, Numbers and the Time

14. The perfect tense


15. IR = TO GO


16. Future

17. The conditional 


18. The reflexive verbs

19. Pronouns

 20. The Imperfect (The pluperfect)


21. The Preterite


 22. Translation Problems: The Imperfect or Preterite?

23. Imperatives


 24. Para and Por and the Passive Voice.