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Chinese Culture Celebration

The Spring Festival - called Chinese New Year outside China is the most important festival in China.
Here in Warwick Language Centre, School of Modern Languages and Cultures we have organised a series of events in the past years.

This year our in-person celebration includes the party and the calligraphy workshop, with the support from the Chinese team, SMLC and PAIS.

(1) The celebration party (student performance, food and games).

Thurs. 6-8:30pm 8th Feb. 2024, TRC & FAB 4.01. Register in the form Link opens in a new windowby 31st Jan. 24.

(2) The Chinese calligraphy workshop (Learn the beauty and history of Chinese calligraphy and do hand-on practice with a Chinese brush pen and ink).
  • Firday 12-2pm 9th Feb. 2024 TRC

Click hereLink opens in a new window to register to join the workshops.


Last year's celebration

Highlights from the celebration from the previous years

6 student performances (2023 CNY)

5 student performances (2022 CNY)

6 performances by students of Chinese degree (2021CNY)

4 more performances by students of Chinese as optional module(2021)