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marking criteria (written) German 3 - TBC for 2017/18

Marking Criteria: Written Component Levels 3, 4, 5, 6


Accuracy of syntax and grammar

Style, range and sophistication of language and expression (80)


Communication of ideas/task fulfilment/overall structure



Point on scale

Outstanding for level – hardly any mistakes, even when more advanced language is used Wide range of appropriate vocabulary, idioms and structures. Style enhances essay.

96% (77)

Innovative, varied, insightful, structured

96% (19)

Excellent 1st

Shows sound control of the range of structures appropriate to the level, and exploits them essentially without error. Detail (e.g. gender, case) very accurate.


Good and varied vocabulary; idiomatic use of standard language.

89% (71)

81% (65)

74% (59)

Fully relevant and delivered clearly. Some originality.

Well organised structure in a logical sequence.

89% (18)

81% (16)

74% (15)

High 1st

Mid 1st

Low 1st

Exploits structures appropriate to the level, though with inconsistent control, possibly leading to slight difficulty in understanding.

Vocabulary, style and control of detail (e.g. adjective endings) quite good, but with significant lapses.

68% (54)

65% (52)

62% (50)

Mostly relevant and structure is generally well ordered. Range of good ideas. Some interest and variety.

68% (14)

65% (13)

62% (12)

High 2.1

Mid 2.1

Low 2.1

Limited range of vocabulary. Some persistent errors. Predominately simple vocab and structures


Texts, whilst generally understandable, require significant effort on the part of the reader. The range of structures attempted is likely to be very limited and/or not to correspond to what has been studied at this level.


Control of grammar, vocabulary and style rather defective: large amount of detail missed.

Engagement with the subject matter is likely to be weak.

58% (46)

55% (44)

52% (42)

Some good ideas, mostly appropriate.

Some deficiency in structure.

58% (11.5)

55% (11)

52% (10.5)

High 2.2

Mid 2.2

Low 2.2

Many basic and intrusive errors, some of which may affect comprehension.

Narrow range of vocab and grammatical structure Repetitions.


Texts very difficult to understand, possibly incomprehensible in places.


Little control of grammar and/or vocabulary. Very large amount of detail missed.


Engagement with the topic is likely to be poor.



48% (38)

45% (36)

42% (34)

Few good ideas, not all appropriate.

Structure deficient.

48% (10)

45% (9)

42% (8)

High 3rd

Mid 3rd

Low 3rd

Shows little grasp of grammatical structures. The number of errors makes comprehension difficult. Inadequate range of structures and vocabulary.


Texts extremely difficult/ impossible to understand.


Control of grammar, vocabulary, detail essentially absent.



38% (30)

25% (20)

12% (10)

Ideas lacking, random structure.

38% (7)

25% (5)

12% (2)

High Fail

Mid Fail

Low Fail

Essentially nothing of value


Essentially nothing of value




Each category may also be affected by considerations such as:

- the willingness to take risks;

- the relevance of points made;

- the readability of the text produced