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Japanese 1 Scheme of Work

updated 02 August 2017

Term 1
  Book chapter Contents
W 1 (w/c 5 Oct)   REGISTRATION WEEK (No class)
W2 1 Introducing yourself
  • Use of desu
  • Job/nationality
  • Numbers 1-10(Lesson 2)
W 3 2 Exchanging personal information
  • This is/ This is not.
  • Use of possessive "no"
  • Asking and telling telephone numbers
  • Numbers 11-99 (Lesson 3)
Hiragana reading practice
W 4 3 Asking and telling what time it is & Asking the opening hours
  • Hours and minutes
  • Use of particles "kara" and "made"
  • Numbers up to 9999 (Lesson 4)
Hiragana reading practice
W 5 4 Shopping 1
  • Asking and telling prices
  • Saying "this" "that" and "that one over there" (kore, sore, are)
  • Numbers up to 99999999

Hiragana writing practice


W 6 5/6 Shopping 2
  • Specifying the item by "this" "that" "that one over there" (kono, sono, ano)
  • Counter words
  • Verb "to go"(ikimasu) (Lesson 6)
  • Time expressions (today, tomorrow etc) (Lesson 6)

Hiragana writing practice

W 7 6/7 Confirming travel schedule
  • Verbs for "come"·
  • Words for travel methods (Lesson 7)
  • Words for dates:(Lesson 7)
  • Changing verbs into the negative form and past form


W8 8 Talking about what is there
  • Use of verb "to be/exist" (arimasu, imasu)
  • Location words (front, right etc Lesson 8)
W 9 9

Taking about where things are


W 10   Test 1–up to and including Lesson 9 No dictionary
  • Assessed (Reading, Writing & Listening)
Katakana Introduction

Test 1 (Term 1, Week 10): Up to Lesson 9. You should be able to read and write in Hiragana. Katakana is not tested. No dictionary allowed. If you are ill on the day, please get a doctor’s note and contact your tutor.

Term 2

  Book Chapter contents
W1 10 Talking about everyday doings
  • Verbs

Katakana Review

Feedback on Test 1

W2 11 State how frequently you do something
  • More verbs

W 3 12 Talking about characteristics of things and people
  • Adjectives (Present)
  • Giving a reason (Lesson 11)

katakana quiz

W 4 13/14

Talking about giving and receiving gifts

Taking about how it was

  • Adjectives ( past)
W 5 15

Making invitation


W 6 16

Offer to help

Te-form (Lesson 17)

W 7 17 Talking about plans and schedules in details


W 8 18

Making a request

Giving a direction




Talking about travelling
  • Getting on and off means of transportation
  • Departure and arrival
  • Length of stay, travel times


Vocabulary in Lessons 20 and 21

W10 22-25

Talking about what you are doing now

Talking about where you live and work

Talking about what you like/what you want to do


Term 3

  Book chapter contents
W 1




Review- the last lesson!


W 3

Date to be confirmed


Final Examination (Reading &Writing)-No dictionary

W 4

Date to be confirmed

  Oral Examination (by appointment)
Final Examination: Up to Lesson 25. However, Grammatical items in Lessons 20 & 21 will not be tested in the exam, but the words in L20, 21 may be in the exam.