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LL291 Presentation

LL291 Presentation

4-5 minutes of presentation (which could include a video clip). If you are presenting as a pair, make sure each of you will have an equal share in presenting the talk. During the presentation, please teach 3 "useful" Japanese words related to your topic.

2-3 minutes of Q & A to follow.

Any Japan related topic (e.g. songs, anime, customs, food, sports etc) is OK, as long as it is not scary or offensive.

Please upload your document (Power points) on L@W (Use "6 -12 July upload presentation") 2 days before your presentation. You cannot bring your memory stick on the day.

Nov 14 ジョージ&アンディ
Jan16 ルーカス&ビブ
Jan 23  
Jan 30 ステファニー&プラウド
feb 6 メリサ
Feb 13
Feb 20 ロヒト&ステフ
Feb 27 ティオ&イレーン
Mar 4 ミシェル&リン