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Term 1Week 2

News: 11 Oct

For your first class (either Mon PM or Tue AM), please look at the following page, for preparation and resources.


News:11 Oct

For Monday 15-17 class will take place as follows;

time: 15:10-16:45

venue: Ramphal 1.04

Please bring a laptop, pen, paper etc.


News: 11 Oct

Homework to submit by Friday 16th 8pm

1) Why I want to study Japanese (send it to your tutor by email attachment)

2) Hiragana quiz (MS form)


News: 13 Oct

I have put the preparation videos (Lesson 2) on moodle. Please watch and study before your class (preferably 24 hours before your class). There is a quiz at the end.


News 14 Oct

News: 14 Oct

Now that moodle is available, could you please upload your homework "introduction" via moodle