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Spanish 6 (LL203) (not running in 2014/15)



Advanced. The module is offered to undergraduates who already have an advanced knowledge of Spanish: i.e. good A level + 1 year of further study (or equivalent), or who have successfully completed Spanish 5.

Main Objectives:

This module is designed to enable the students to use the Spanish language in furtherance of their career by familiarising them with aspects of Hispanic language, the way of life and culture of Spain and Latin America.


30 CREDITS, also available for 24 CREDITS


One 2-hour language class each week for 22 weeks.
Students are reminded that 1 credit = 10 hours of study, therefore the minimum expected amount of study is 240 hours, which averages over 10 hours per week. A substantial amount of independent study is therefore required. Students can make use of Languages@Warwick (our virtual learning environment) to facilitate this.


Natalia Roy García and Juan Antonio Caldero Cornejo.

Course Books:

Nuevo prisma C1 - Libro del alumno + CD, Edinumen, ISBN: 978-84-9848-253-9

Nuevo prisma C1 - Libro de ejercicios + CD, Edinumen, ISBN: 978-84-9848-255-3

English-Spanish Dictionary, Collins/OUP Spanish-English

These books can be purchased from the University Bookshop, telephone: (024) 7652 3388.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, students will have:

  • developed competencies in a broad range of complex and non-routine language tasks across a wide and often unpredictable variety of contexts;
  • consolidated and expanded grammatical and syntactical competence;
  • furthered their awareness and appreciation of Hispanic culture;
  • developed a non-technical interest in some of the stylistic resources of Spanish, through an appreciation of literary and non-literary texts.


The module is:

  • taught entirely in Spanish;
  • organised around such aspects as contemporary culture, the national economic and political scene, the history and society of the target language communities;
  • skills-based so the syllabus will draw on a variety of media, e.g. radio, television, newspapers, cinema etc. to enable students to build and increase cultural awareness;
  • In addition, topics in the news will be introduced for discussion and comment in spoken and written form.

Course Description

The module will put an emphasis on the following:

  • developing style, idioms and vocabulary through a variety of texts of different registers and other media;
  • improving understanding of grammatical structures to maximise fluency and accuracy in written and oral/aural Spanish;
  • consolidating and extending existing language skills in a variety of social and cultural contexts;
  • broadening cultural understanding and appreciation of Spanish and Latin American contemporary societies;
  • facilitating students’ self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses in order to improve their learning skills.