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Diplôme de français professionnel


French (Diplôme de français professionnel) Cost £299


Please note that the DFP is taken in conjunction with an academic module, and is therefore taught for 23 weeks (term 1: 9 weeks, term 2: 10 weeks, term 3: 4 weeks).


DFP Affaires B2:


The course includes full coverage of written and spoken business procedures valuable to firms negotiating sales with French clients. Applicants should possess a good working knowledge of French (A-level or equivalent).


DFP Affaires C1:


This advanced course is suitable for people with a very good standard of French (A-level plus additional study) wishing to gain an internationally recognised qualification. The aim is to prepare people to use French confidently, accurately and fluently in most professional and social contexts, including management situations.

This course is ideal as a follow-on from the DFP Affaires B2 (formerly called DFA1) but may also be taken by people working towards level C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.