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useful website

Following are some useful websites

This website not only provides Chinese Pinyin sounds but also demonstrates the tones. 

This website demonstrates how to write characters stroke by stroke.

This website enables you to check the meaning of a character without knowing the Pinyin. It also demonstrates the stroke order of the character.

BBC Real Chinese provides interactive Chinese language lessons as well as Chinese culture.

This is an online game by which you will be able to learn Chinese language.

Chinese Pod provides language lessons of different levels by podcasts.

This Websites contains short videos on various topics with exercises and answers.

This is another podcast website providing both language lessons and Chinese culture knowledge.

This online Chinese-English dictionary can help you to read a passage by showing the meaning of each word.

This is a mini guide of Chinese characters provided by BBC.

On this website you can read news in Chinese and listen to Chinese radio.

On this website you can listen to various of radio programme.

You can type Chinese characters by inputting Pinyin  on this website.

This web tool allows you to convert Chinese characters into Pinyin. You can copy and paste Chinese characters into the window and then click the bar below with the following characters- "查询汉字拼音并标注(Contrl + 回车键).

With this website you can watch news, film, soap, and TV programme online. But sometimes it can be slow so that you have to be patient. To help you, here are some translations: 首页-home page   大片-film   视频新闻-news   嘉宾聊天-guests' chat    博客-blog     电视台-TV station  实用生活-practicallife.  Here is the information on system requirements, but in Chinese so that you have to use the online dictionary to work out the meaning. If you are too busy to use the dictionary, try Google tranlate. Sina online video with translation and Watch help with translation