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French Advanced 1 (L47) - Updated for 2018/19



You have good vocabulary and a fair understanding of fundamental grammatical rules and how to apply them. You may have done an advanced level course at school at least A2 level grades A & B or 4 to 5 years attendance at evening classes. You feel reasonably confident speaking in most common, social or work settings and you are developing fluency in your reading and writing. You now want to use the language more flexibly and use appropriate register to suit the context. You also want to sort out in your mind ( and on paper) some of the more complex grammar forms. The course will demand greater accuracy from you and involve you more in the exploration of issues of a cultural or political nature.

Main Objectives:

The course gives you an opportunity to discuss and study various aspects of French contemporary reality by considering images of France in the 21st century, France and Europe, French speaking countries and French culture.

Please read our Can-do Statements (link on the right of this page) to see the competences which you will be working towards and can achieve by the end of the year.


1 x 2 hour class per week plus some independent learning.

Course Text

G. Vandaele & P. Turk (2018), Action Grammaire - Fourth edition, Hodder Education, ISBN-13: 978-1-5104-3486-8

Course Description

You will be encouraged to take part to discussions and debates, to exploit texts, video and audio materials. You will discover contemporary writers and follow political and social developments in French news.

Some grammatical revision alongside with much lexical work will take place.

Learning in class will be reinforced by weekly homework.


This course will cover the following: 


  • France and the French;
  • French politics;
  • France and Europe;
  • globalisation;
  • current affairs.


  • revision of all tenses with emphasis on past tenses;
  • the subjunctive;
  • the conditional;
  • relative pronouns;
  • prepositions;
  • gerund.


  • listening, speaking, reading and writing.