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Greek Lower Intermediate (P64) - Not offered in 2017/18



This year, the operational level will be a merger of Post beginners and Lower Intermediate. The range of language and topics covered will try to meet the needs of students currently enrolled.

Main Objectives:

The course will demand more of you by way of vocabulary learning and extend your understanding of the basic grammar of the language.


1 x 2 hour class per week plus some independent learning.


Course Text

Greek Language and People - New Edition [audio CDs available separately], David Hardy, BBC, ISBN: 0-563-51976-2

A copy can be purchased from the University Bookshop.


Course Description

The course balances a communicative approach with some formal grammatical input. The assumption is that you have some understanding of, and practice with, Greek inflections and grammatical gender. We have worked with the present tense, agreement of nouns and adjectives, the future tense and our first subjunctives. We take up our course book at Chapter 15 and the past tense.


This course will cover the following:


  • shopping;
  • engaging with authorities, eg. lost property; opening a bank account;
  • meeting people;
  • customary celebration greetings;
  • talking about hobbies, habits and past experience;
  • other topics depending on group progress.


  • comparatives and superlatives;
  • the past tense - perfect and imperfect;
  • focus on irregular verbs;
  • expanding classes of nouns;
  • some subjunctives, e.g. expressing preference, obligation and desires.


  • listening; speaking; reading and writing.

Learning Outcomes

  • The aim is to consolidate a basic grounding in the grammar and provide a platform for further developments;
  • The past tense is introduced and consolidated;
  • Vocabulary is extended and practised;
  • The course tries to enhance confidence in the use of the language for basic, everyday situations.