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Greek Lower Intermediate (P64)

Unfortunately the Greek courses will not be running in 2019/20, due to low enrolments.



Lower Intermediate assumes that learners are familiar with the basic tenses and can work fairly fluently with the building blocks of a sentence. This year rounds off the current course book, Greek Language and People, which deals with the Imperfect and further Subjunctive constructions. The intention then is to begin a new book, Communicate in Greek 2.

Main Objectives:

The course will extend your Speaking, Writing and Listening abilities and encourage active Speaking participation, including the occasional short presentation. It will demand more of you by way of vocabulary learning and expand your understanding of grammar and usage.


1 x 2 hour class per week plus some independent learning.

Course Text

We complete Greek Language and People - New Edition [audio CDs available separately], David Hardy, BBC, ISBN: 0-563-51976-2

A copy can be purchased from the University Bookshop.

Depending on progress, we will move on to Communicate in Greek 2 – latest edition, Kleanthes and Frosso Arvanitakis, Deltos [to be confirmed]

Course Description

The course balances a communicative approach with formal grammatical input. The assumption is that you have had reasonable practice with Greek verbal inflections and grammatical gender. Taken as covered is work with the Simple tenses, agreement of nouns and adjectives, a range of adverbs and prepositions, some subjunctives.


This course will aim to include the following:


  • what we used to do when we were young: habits, practices in the past, past experience
  • engaging with authorities, eg. opening a bank account
  • planning an excursion, a holiday
  • talking about sports, favourite books
  • introducing colleagues
  • furnishing a room
  • family trees


  • Past Tenses compared
  • Future Continuous
  • Prepositions
  • Nouns - further classes
  • Quantities – countable/uncountable
  • Subjunctives [eg expressing preference, obligation, desire; ability, permission]


  • listening; speaking; reading and writing.

Learning Outcomes

  • The aim is to further the correct use of grammar and to consolidate grammatical understanding
  • Vocabulary continues to be extended and practised
  • The course tries to enhance confidence in the use of the language moving from everyday situations to more immersive ones