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Advanced (P67) - Not offered in 2019/20



This course is primarily a conversational one. Grammar focus will be on refining your current usage - points arising from student requirements. You feel comfortable speaking the language and you have developed your writing skills to a substantial degree. You will probably have completed over 250 hours of tuition. While being able to express yourself well and reasonably accurately, some of the language spoken at native speaker speed still escapes you and you feel the need for more practice.We will continue to focus on listening skills. Writing tasks will arise from material covered.

Main Objectives:

This is intended to be primarily a conversation course. It aims to develop your fluency across a range of topics, incorporating, where possible, the interests of members of the group.


1 x 2 hour class per week plus some independent learning.


Course Text

Akou na Deis 2, F. Arvanitakis; Deltos, ISBN: 978-960-7914-27-9

A copy can be purchased from the University Bookshop.


Course Description

You will be required to contribute actively in all class activities. You will be asked to be resourceful and to prepare occasional presentations. Discussions will follow topics arising from the book and from the world around us. Homework tasks are set each week to consolidate language development. This course picks up where we left off last year. We are in the closing stages of our course book, Akou na Deis, which sharpens Listening ability.

Topical events feature regularly in our discussions and members of the group are becoming steadily more proficient at giving presentations and written follow-ups on subjects and items that interest them.


This course will cover the following:


Greek regions and local festivals;
media interviews;
job satisfaction;
motorways and the roads less travelled;
current affairs arising;
interests of the members of the group.


Grammar points arising from material covered.

Generally, more practice with:

passive voice;
assorted tenses;
focus on continuous and perfect tenses, active and passive;
conjunctions various;
new categories of nouns and adjectives;
various subjunctive structures;
present and past participles.


  • listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Learning Outcomes

  • further improve fluency;
  • read more extensively;
  • write at greater length;
  • become practiced at giving presentations;
  • enable and enjoy growth of group confidence in the language.