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Italian culture and conversation for advanced students (P79) - Not offered in 2018/19



You have an excellent mastery of the language. You can communicate and interact with ease in any social or work situations. You have already attended the Advanced 1 class at the Language Centre or completed a post Advanced Level course in the language. You have lived in Italy and/or visit it regularly.

Main Objectives:

The course gives you the opportunity to develop your fluency further together with a greater awareness of what is happening in Italy.


1 x 2 hour class per week plus some independent learning.


Course Text

No textbook is required. Selected texts will be provided.

Course Description

The course aims to enhance your language skills, linguistic awareness and appreciation of contemporary Italy.

It is taught in a small group (a maximum of 12 students) by a native speaker so as to widen and enrich your language experience further. Your participation will be essential to the impetus of the lesson. You will have many opportunities to express your opinions. Your particular interests will be integrated into the topics presented in class where possible. You will be given immediate feedback which you will be able to discuss with your tutor on a one-to-one basis.

You will be encouraged to take part in discussions and debates, to discover texts, video and audio materials and films. You will read selected extracts from contemporary and non-contemporary writers and follow political and social developments in Italy. Learning in class will be reinforced by weekly homework which will cover a range of activities.


This course will cover the following: 


  • current affairs and culture in Italy;
  • the Italian institutions;
  • the Government;
  • the President of the Republic;
  • the Prime Minister;
  • the Constitution;
  • the Italian anthem;
  • the political parties;
  • some historical dates;
  • some Italian traditions;
  • exploration of some Italian literature and authors.


  • although no grammar will be formally taught during the lessons, individual help and extra grammatical practice will be given through homework feedback where required.


  • listening, speaking, reading and writing.