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Russian Higher Intermediate (P116) - Not offered in 2018/19



Higher Intermediate. This level is applied to a limited number of Language Centre courses as a bridge between Intermediate and our highest level offered: Advanced. You will probably have completed 250+ hours of tuition or had some learning of the language in post-compulsory schooling (e.g. AS level). While being able to express yourself reasonably well and quite accurately, some of the language spoken at native speaker speed still escapes you and you feel the need for more intensive practice, both in speaking and in writing.

Main Objectives:

The course will improve your competence in an increasing range of factual, persuasive and expressive language tasks performed in a variety of contexts.


1 x 2 hour class per week plus some independent learning.


Course Text



Course Description

Students will be taught to ask and answer questions on related topics. A variety of exercises will be done in class. In example communicative and situation-based exercises, role plays.



  • Continuation of introducing students to Russian culture, literature, music;
  • food;
  • customs and traditions;
  • will be carried on using Russian TV, Internet sites, newspapers, video-clips, and films.


Grammar will be revised and new material will be introduced, such as:

  • reflexive verbs;
  • irregular past tenses;
  • the imperative;
  • prefixed verbs of motion and aspects of verbs.


  • listening, speaking, reading and writing.