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Russian Culture and Conversation for advanced students - Not offered in 2017/18



You have very good vocabulary and a good understanding of grammatical rules and how to apply them. You may have done one year of post A2 level study or 6 years attendance at evening classes. Whilst being able to communicate and interact with ease in most common social or work situations, you can grasp most of the language spoken at native speaker speed. You feel confident understanding written documents and you are developing fluency in your writing. You may visit a Russian speaking country regularly.

Main Objectives:

This is a comversational course. The course will demand greater accuracy from you and involve you more in the exploration of issues of a cultural or political nature.


1 x 2 hour class per week plus some independent learning.

Course Text

"10 рассказов" книга для чтения. Н.Н.Жукова. Москва 2008. ISBN 978-5-88337-072-3

Course Description

The course gives you an opportunity to discuss and study various aspects of the Russian-speaking world and its culture.

You will be part of a small group (up to 12 people) and will have plenty of opportunity to talk. You will be encouraged to take part in discussions and debates, to exploit texts, videos and audio materials. You will discover contemporary writers and follow political and social developments in the Russian news. Weekly homework taks related to the topics discussed in class will be set.


This course will cover the following:


  • current affairs
  • places of Interest
  • general Cultural Information
  • literature and theatre
  • history
  • television and cinema
  • music
  • art
  • sport


  • no new grammar will be taught in this course. However, revision will cover all main points


  • listening, speaking, reading and writing.