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Video Competition: Winning videos (2018-19)

It is great to see so many creative videos produced by the competition contestants. We are pleased to announce that the following submissions have been voted at the Video Show Event as winners in the Languages Thirst @ Warwick Video Competition of 2018-19.

First Prize

Dispel the myths! Learning Chinese is easy, fun and interesting! By Akmaral Yerdilla (CAL)

Second Prize

The Beauty of Multilingualism By Matthew Clarke-Lc (public), Karim Arnous (Law School), Maria Tanasie (WBS)

Joint Third Prize

The Sinitic Language (汉语) By Nur Liyana, Raja Nor Izzati, Nik Farzana Nasuha (WBS)

!WARNING! danger of a Russian love! By Lara Duardo (CAL)


Following are some comments from video competition contestants and the audience at the Video Show Event.

“Fantastic experience! a very good promotion in language learning. I am so pleased to be here and have seen the different approaches in learning...”

“Great level of enthusiasm communicated to more potential students; really enjoyed it…”

“The participants all clearly had a passion for understanding different cultures that came across well in the videos.”

I feel more motivated and encouraged to continue learning Mandarin and it was great to see how the students at Warwick displayed what they knew about the culture and language.”

“The video competition was a good initiative and brought about some fun group working and development of other skills not normally used such as video editing … I take away from this a positive and creative experience.”

"Making a video to transmit the beauty of the language that you are studying make you realize even more the reasons why you chose it."

Many thanks to the student leader team from WBS for their contribution to this video competition, including promoting the initial competition, organizing the Ideating workshop, checking contestants’ progress and providing them with both technical and moral support, to marketing, planning and delivering the final video show event. The team was recruited by Dr Laura Chamberlain from WBS and lead by PG student, Anushka Molhotra. Dr Chamberlain acted as the strategic adviser to support WBS students in marketing and project management, Ms Zhiqiong Chen from SMLC oversaw the project and liaised with different stakeholders.

Photo of student leader team

Photo of the student leader team

Names from left to right: Gahee Park (far left), Loana Visan, Kieran Kennedy, Anushka Malhotra (head of the team), Sam Coleman, Kanvida Jirapat, Sixuang Tang’ Anqi Cao (far right)

“As the project requirements were released, I was exhilarated to embark on the journey towards imparting experiential learning for Warwick students. The concept of this project to encourage students to combine soft, creative, and technical skills and showcase the beauty of learning a new language garnered my interest to get on board. The highlight of this project for me was the successful implementation of the Ideating Session by my team, held for participants to seek language as well as technical advice and support while enabling collective brainstorming. The whole project enabled us to demonstrate our creativity, not simply articulating subject knowledge to the real world but researching the best ways to transfer the knowledge.” - Anushka Malhotra