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Video Competition Helpful Guides

Don’t feel confident enough to make your own video or want to polish up your filming skills? Here are some resources you can explore.

The following video clips offer you some basic techniques and tips on taking still photos and making films with smartphone.

  • Using smartphone to take still photos
  • Using smartphone for filming

The Moodle course, Academic Filming Masterclass gives you a simple guide on the technical issues of making academic videos, including Camera techniques, video editing, how to turn PowerPoint Slides into a video etc. You can enrol on this Moodle course by yourself.

The Best Practices for Language Education Videos also provide a guidance on technical issues when making educational videos, particularly for language teaching and learning. Although the target audience is language teachers, it is worth reading through.

If you don’t want to make videos using smartphone or video camera, you can consider using the free online software, Screencast O Matic to create a video on computer.

If you want to make a bit more sophisticated video (though it is not necessary in this video competition), you will need some video editing software. You can try some of the following ones.

Windows 10’s Hidden Video Editor (if your PC has the latest Windows Version)

iMoive with Mac

Shotcut free video softwarefree video software (needs to be downloaded)

Hitfilm express free video software (needs to be downloaded)

What inspire you to learn langauges

Creative langauge video examples