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Ideating Workshop

The ideating session took place on Thursday, 24 Jan at Oculus. We were delighted to see competition participants from Arabic, Chinese and Russian joining the discussion with Sam Colman, our presenter, together with native speakers and the video competition team members. The discussion started from the video, which has inspired Sam to learn foreign languages.


We looked at some key aspects of the video that could be borrowed by the participants in their own videos. The discussion centred around two key questions:

  • What themes can we draw on for our own videos?
  • What drew you to your chosen language/languages?

We had further brainstorming of video ideas in small groups within the languages and exchanged ideas across the languages. Sam’s general advice is:

 general advice 

So, take it easy, be creative and have fun! Let’s start!

 email address

If you missed the session and would like to get some help, or if you have any questions, please contact the video competition team, Anushka-Harpal dot Malhotra at warwick dot ac dot uk and zhiqiong dot chen at warwiack dot ac dot uk dot .