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Warwick Numismatic Day 2023 – Imitations of Ancient Coins and their Function

Ancient Numismatics, the study of ancient coinage, is a research strength of Warwick’s Department of Classics and Ancient History. The Department is an international hub in numismatics with three staff members, experts in the field, embedding their research in the wider context of Ancient History, Classical Archaeology and Ancient Economy.

The Warwick Numismatic Day has been an annual event since 2010, assembling specialists, including young researchers and students, as well as members of a wider audience, such as collectors, to share and discuss papers around topics on ancient Numismatics After a two-year break due to the pandemic, this year’s workshop saw the return of the 11th Numismatic Day, dedicated to imitations of ancient coins and their functions

This was the perfect opportunity to mark the move of the prestigious Money and Medals Network (MMN) from the British Museum to the Department in August 2022, an institution offering training and advice to c. 240 museums and other institutions in the UK holding coins in their collections. This time the two events were scheduled together with the Numismatics Day on the 16th June and the first MMN Training Day on the 15th June.

The Money and Medals Training Day (15 June)

The Money and Medals Network (MMN) Training Day on June 15th marked a significant milestone for the network, as it was the first in-person training event since 2019. The event provided attendees with a unique opportunity to enhance their skills in coin identification, expertise currently underrepresented in the sector due to the move towards more general curation. With experienced professionals leading the training sessions, participants gained practical knowledge and engaged in discussions on current issues and challenges in the field.

The MMN Training Day attracted a diverse audience consisting of individuals from the museum sector, metal detectorists, and students.

The Numismatic Day (16 June)

This year's theme was on imitation coinage, referring to coins deliberately made to resemble genuine coins, but not produced by the official minting authorities. Such coins can be a source of important historical and cultural information, shedding light on issues such as local economic conditions, political affiliations, and artistic styles. Imitation coinage can be found from various historical periods and in various parts of the world, making it a fascinating area of study for numismatists and historians alike.