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Chart Toppers of 17th Century

Chart-toppers from the 17th century revived by historian and musicians are making a comeback. Christopher Marsh, a history professor at Queen’s University Belfast, and Angela McShane, an honorary reader in history at the University of Warwick's Department of History, counted editions of single-sheet songs and other metrics to identify top hits from the Elizabethan and Stuart eras.

Warwick Award - Arts Showcase - Pathways to Employability

Warwick Award provides students (UG/PGT) with a pathway to get recognition for the skills they develop as part of their course as well as other activities they can get involved with. Students can claim points by reflecting on all of these different activities through a process that helps them articulate the skills and experience they have learned. So far there are 52 students from the Faculty of Arts that have achieved their silver and gold awards. On this page we are showcasing six of our student awardees and their thoughts after participating in the scheme. In particular, they reflect on how useful they think their achievements in the Warwick Award will be to their future life and career after graduation.

Hidden Figures in History

A look back at the hidden figures in History

As we reflect on pivotal moments throughout history, such as the suffragette movement, the Second World War, or the abolition of slavery, there is a tendency to overlook the names and stories of disabled individuals who played a critical role in shaping the course of history.

A researcher from the University of Warwick has investigated the lives of five hidden figures who deserve to be discussed and remembered. Mia Edwards, comments: “More often than not, when we look back through time, we forget to talk about historical figures who are more hidden from the traditional narratives and stories that we might tell about certain events and periods. These people have made remarkable contributions to our world throughout history.

The Secret World of Publishing

Emily Wells (BA English Literature and Creative Writing, 2013) has a job many booklovers would envy: she gets to read for a living. As Senior Editor for a division of world publishing giant Hachette, her week is spent dissecting what makes a story sell and succeed on the market.

Napoleon and Josephine: Was their great love affair a myth?

Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby star in Ridley Scott's Napoleon, which opens this week. What do we know about the real relationship between Napoleon and Josephine, writes Professor Kate Astbury from Warwick's School of Modern LanguagesLink opens in a new window.

Faculty of Arts Easter Programme - Venice - Funding Opportunities

An exclusive fully funded opportunity for 10 first year widening participation students from the Faculty of Arts to take part in an exciting pilot programme in Venice, Italy during Easter vacation 2024.

This will be an interdisciplinary programme led by academics from the Faculty of Arts to consider Resilience in Venice - past, present and future.

Information session: There will be an online MS Teams drop in information session Link opens in a new windowLink opens in a new windowtaking place on Wednesday 29 November 2023 between 15:00-16:00. There will be a short presentation which will be recorded. This is an opportunity for students to ask questions and find out more.

Quickfire Questions with CEO Jo Todd

Earlier this year, alumna and activist Jo Todd (BA English and European Literature, 1990) received a CBE in recognition of 30+ years’ service to the victims of domestic abuse. From volunteering at a refuge in the outskirts of London, to more than 20 years as CEO of Respect - the pioneering charity tackling the root of the problem - Jo has dedicated her life to making a positive difference. And she’s not finished yet.

A Change in Direction

With nearly a decade in the British Army, Lee Kemp (Film with Television Studies, 2007) had an unusual path to his degree. But it was a simple truth that made his decision.

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