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This is a composite calendar page template pulling in feeds from events calendars in department and research centre sites. It is purely used as a tool to collect the event details before filtering through to a publicly-visible calendar filter page template. To remove or add a feed to this composite calendar, please contact the IT Services Web Team (webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk).

Monday, May 20, 2019

Light in Darkness: The mystical philosophy of Jacob Böhme
Chapel of Christ the Servan, Coventry Cathedral

Runs from Tuesday, April 30 to Friday, July 05.

Light in Darkness: The mystical philosophy of Jacob Böhme

Free special guided tours of the exhibition.

Presentations and Interviews for GSD STF
R1.03 and R3.38
GSD Video Filming
Conference: 'Victoria's Self-Fashioning: Curating Royal Image for Dynasty, Nation & Empire'.
Kensington Palace, London.

Runs from Monday, May 20 to Tuesday, May 21.

This conference seeks to challenge these orthodoxies by examining Victoria herself as a pro-active political agent in the construction of an image for nineteenth century monarchy, and therefore directly implicated in what would become the Queen Victoria phenomenon.

The Environmental Humanities: an IAS-Connecting Cultures GRP Salon

This Salon responds to the fact that there are significant clusters of work going on throughout the university in the area of the Environmental Humanities and offers the opportunity to connect some of this work up. The Connecting Cultures GRP hopes that this might, in turn, lead to some shared research activity which the GRP would be happy to support: for example, a Warwick-based conference and/or public-facing event on the Environmental Humanities, the establishment of research synergies and shared research projects, or possibly the establishment of a research centre in this area.


The Environmental Humanities are a diverse and emergent field of cross-disciplinary research that seeks to analyze and investigate the complex interrelationships between human activity (cultural, artistic, economic, and political) and the environment, understood in its broadest sense. Analyzing and addressing environmental issues requires an understanding of the relationship between nature and culture, between sciences, social sciences, and humanities. This is important not only in order to insert environmental issues more centrally into the humanities, as a fascinating and urgent intellectual enterprise, but is equally important for scientists to be cognizant of the way in which human culture shape environmental impacts, environmental debates and regulation of all kinds. Across the university there is a wide range of expertise in this field. The Connecting Cultures GRP has been able to support some of these initiatives and would like to be able to have a more effective role in developing this work further in the future – this will play a key part in the relaunch of the GRP in the summer of 2019. Rather than waiting to possibly hear from isolated colleagues when they decide to apply for some support, we would like to initiate a Salon to bring together colleagues from the Arts Faculty and beyond who are currently working on these issues or plan to do in the near future so that we can both foster more awareness of each other’s projects but also, hopefully directly profit from exchanging information and experiences and possibly devising collaborative initiatives.


The event will begin with a networking lunch at 12.30pm and will close no later than three. Further instructions about the shape of the day will be sent out to participants nearer the time.Please click here to register.

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Research Seminar: Katherine Lebow (Oxford), The People Write! Polish Everyman Autobiography from the Great Depression to the Holocaust