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Inclusive Education in the Arts Conference 2024

About the event

We brought together members of our Arts community - staff, students and alumni - to think about those areas where the Faculty is leading the way in inclusive education.

Building on the successful conference last year, the 2024 showcase highlighted more examples of positive inclusive practice in the Faculty of Arts, and asked where we can go next.


Tuesday 21 May




13:30 Welcome by David Lees, Dean of Students
13:40 Introduction by Rebecca Freeman, Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor (Education)
  Session 1: inclusive student experiences in the Arts (chaired By Paola Sanges Ghetti, SMLC)
13:50 'SMLC Network Leads update' - network leads (SMLC)

'First Faculty-led programme for first-year WP students from the Faculty of Arts in Venice' - Maria Fox (Student Mobility)


'Visualising Neuroqueer Identity Through Safe Spaces' - Dae Pomeroy (Liberal Arts) and Elliott Willis (Sociology)

14:20 Q&A and discussion, followed by a 15-minute break
  Session 2: expanding Arts inclusivity (chaired by Megan Thompson, History)

'Faculty of Arts: A Widening Participation Perspective' - Vicki Hill (Widening Participation)

15:00 'Trans and non-binary Faculty network' - network leads

"And they all lived happily ever after": How we made the SMLC postgraduate symposium family friendly' - Jenny He and Yanyu Liu (SMLC)

15:20 Q&A and discussion, followed by a 15-minute break
  Session 3: inclusivity on the curriculum (chaired by Nidhi Chauhan, History)

'Intersectionality extended - including disability in curricula' - Yvette Hutchinson (Theatre and Performance Studies)


'Inclusivity and Making Space for Student Expertise' - Roberta Bivins (History)

16:10 Q&A and discussion
16:20 Wrap-up by Marta Guerriero, Chair of the Arts Faculty Education Committee

Asynchronous presentations