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The Digital Arts Lab Showcase - our annual student competition

The DAL Showcase 2021 is now live!

Click here to see all of the fabulous entries, and our winners!

The DAL - students info

The 2022 Showcase and Competition will open in term three.


Submission deadline: TBC. Read the guidelines here.

£50 voucher for the winning entries

- - Visit the DAL Showcase page to see all of the 2020 competition entries and the winners - -


The theme for 2021 is 'storytelling'. Your story can focus on anything you choose. You can submit an assessment that you completed for one of your modules or a digital artefact that you have worked on or contributed to outside of your academic experience. You may also choose to create a brand new digital artefact or written piece that reflects on or explores the digital world or digital engagment through either fiction or non-fiction. Whatever you choose to submit, you will be asked to include a 300-word reflection on how your piece engages with the theme of 'Storytelling'.

Watch this video by Robert O'Toole for inspiring ideas on why storytelling matters so much in the Arts and Humanities, and why our creative and academic practice is so important to the world.

Join us in celebrating the best work created through technology and immersive practices. We can’t wait to see what you create!

What is it?

The Faculty of Arts is thrilled to promote digital learning and teaching innovation through the Digital Arts Lab. The DAL Student Competition enables you to submit your best academic work or personal artefacts created through or about digital tools. This may be an academic assessment which utlised a digital tool (for example a video, podcast or website), a personal endeavour that uses or showcases a digital tool, or a short piece of writing that comments on the digital world (both fiction and non-fiction welcome). Further guidelines here.

Who is the Competition For?

The DAL Showcase is for all undergraduate students currently enrolled on a Faculty of Arts degree programme. Submissions will also be accepted from any student currently enrolled on an Arts Faculty module who wishes to submit their assessment piece from this module. Special exceptions can also be made for any Warwick undergraduate student who has created an academic or personal artefact that engages with or contributes to the dialogue over the digital arts. Contact the organisers for more information.

What's in it for You?

  • A unique chance to showcase your creativity and passion for the Arts
  • Winners and participants will see their creations featured in the Digital Arts Lab Showcase. The DAL Showcase exists to demonstrate the incredible talent and abilities of students and staff at the University of Warwick.
  • Your submission will remain a feature of the Showcase for at least five years, offering you an opportunity to feature your work in portfolios and showcase your talents to future employers and collaborators.
  • Support the development of your own critical skills, such as digital literacy, communication, problem-solving and teamwork.

**£50 vouchers for the winners will be awarded**

I Want to Participate!

It's easy to submit your artefact to the DAL Student Competition. Click the link at the top of this page to register your interest and find out more.

  • You are welcome to submit academic or personal creations.
  • You must submit a 300-word reflection that explains how your artefact engages with the theme of 'storytelling'.
  • The closing date for submissions is 18th June 2021.

Make sure to review the guidelines for submission.

General Guidelines

  1. Your submission piece can either be coursework created as a module assignment, or an original piece exclusively created for this showcase.

  2. All submissions should be accompanied by a 300-word reflective piece that describes your work, purpose and content and connects your artefact to this year's theme.

  3. Every participant should ensure that any content used in their submission is copyright free.
  4. Group submission is allowed. If successful, only one prize will be awarded to the whole group.
  5. Everone who appears a video must also complete a consent form for their image to appear on the website.
    • Please note that minors cannot give consent.
  6. Submissions should be free of offensive themes or language.

*The copyright of each prize-winning and commended piece will remain with the author but the Faculty of Arts will have the right in perpetuity to publish and/or broadcast the work submitted.


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