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The Digital Arts Lab - Student Showcase and Competition

The DAL - students info

The competition is now closed, The DAL showcase will launch on May 22nd

- Go to the DAL Showcase page to see all competition entries and the winners -

The Digital Arts Lab Showcase

The Faculty of Arts is thrilled to promote digital learning and teaching innovation through the Digital Arts Lab, engaging its students with new technologies that help them create art and new ways to experience it.

We are calling all undergraduate arts students to help us bring this digital laboratory to life! By giving you a space to share your work and explore others’, in the first Digital Arts Laboratory Showcase and Competition.

You’ll be able to submit your best academic work created through or about digital tools. Join us in celebrating the best art created through technology and immersive practices. We can’t wait to show you off to the rest of the Warwick Community!

What is it About?

The DAL Showcase and Competition will allow you to submit your best academic work created through or about digital tools, fitting into the following categories:


All time-based motion picture pieces,

either animation or live-action;

narrative or non-narrative works.

Digital Artefact / Audio

All immersive practices including VR,

360 still images, motion tracking,

proxemics, binaural sound, sound walks,

audio pieces and visual art.

Academic writing on digital themes

All essays and academic writing

pieces on digital and art themes.

Language Video Competition

Language Thirst

Short videos reflecting on language learning

experiences, exploring cultural differences and

delivering language taster sessions.

Review the individual guidelines for each category.

Who is the Competition For?

The DAL Showcase is for all undergraduate students currently enrolled in a Faculty of Arts-based degree.

General Guidelines

  1. All submissions should be accompanied by a 100 to 200-word piece that describes your work, purpose and content.
  2. Your submission piece could either be coursework created as a module assignment, or an original piece exclusively created for this showcase.
  3. Every participant should ensure that any content used in their submission is copyright free.
  4. Group submission is allowed.

*The copyright of each prize-winning and commended piece will remain with the author but the Faculty of Arts will have the right in perpetuity to publish and/or broadcast the work submitted.

I Want to Participate!

All participants must fill out the Competition Registration form. Regarding group submissions, each member must individually fill in their details.

  • The Competition Registration form will be available from Tuesday, 14th of January 2020.
  • Work submissions will be possible since the launch of the competition.
  • The closing date for work submissions is Monday, 27th April 2020 by noon.

Make sure to review the guidelines for each category, you can make multiple submissions in either one.

What's in it for You?

A unique chance to showcase your creativity and passion for the Arts, by having your work featured in the DAL Showcase event.

Develop critical skills, such as negotiation, communication, problem-solving and teamwork and improve your digital skills.

Prizes for the best work in each category will be awarded in the DAL showcase event.

Find out more

Individual Category Guidelines

DAL Showcase event information

Further questions? Contact:

mayra dot juarez-alvarado at warwick dot ac dot uk