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The Digital Arts Lab Showcase - our annual student competition

2022 Winners

Best Overall Undergraduate

Ellen Potts

Liberal Arts (UG)

'Rewiring Music' considers how the institutionalised racism that grew out of slavery impacted 1950s rock and roll music, and continues to influence music today.

Best Overall Runner Up

Beatrix StarkLink opens in a new window

English & Comparative Literary Studies (UG)

A podcast exploring how two objects from the National Museum of African American History and Culture influenced the construction of race during slavery.

Best Project

Christopher TangLink opens in a new window

SCAPVC Writing Programme (UG)

'Beloved Eurydice' explores the boundaries between language, music and poetic interpretation.

Best Project Runner Up

Elizabeth RyderLink opens in a new window

SCAPVC Writing Programme (UG)

'Warwick Gothic' is a Twine game in which the main character wanders the campus in the wee hours of the morning, fighting procrastination and attempting to complete their essay.

Best Reflection

Xaymaca AwoyungboLink opens in a new window

History (UG)

'University Challenge: Decolonising the Curriculum'. In response to media which highlighted the divisiveness of decolonising the curriculum, this documentary aims to show that people on both sides of the argument can find common ground, connect and take steps to decolonise the curriculum.

Best Reflection Runner Up

Riya JamtheLink opens in a new window

SMLC and Applied Linguistics (UG)

This research uses Praat, a software designed for analysing acoustic data, to investigate the difference in Voice-Onset-Timing (VOT) in Hindi and English in three speakers from different backgrounds.

Best Reflection Runner Up

Bruno HunnLink opens in a new window

History (UG)

In this podcast, Bruno interviews Cornelia Kögler, an expert on Eastern European history with a focus on Ukraine, about the representation of history in the official Russian narrative on the invasion of Ukraine.

Best Overall Postgraduate

Imogen KnoxLink opens in a new window

History (PGR)

'Choose your own adventure: an early modern woman's story' is an interactive exhibit made with Inklewriter. It allows participants to explore the potential consequences of some of the life choices that seventeenth century women had to make.

Best Overall Postgraduate Runner Up

Jaza YeLink opens in a new window

Centre for Media and Cultural Policy Studies (PGT)

'Remember Jaza' is an online memorial that explores memory, community and our attitudes to death.

What is it?

The Faculty of Arts is thrilled to promote digital learning and teaching innovation through the Digital Arts Lab. The DAL Student Competition enables you to submit your best academic work or personal artefacts created through or about digital tools. This may be an academic assessment which utilised a digital tool (for example a video, podcast or website), a personal endeavour that uses or showcases a digital tool, or a short piece of writing that comments on the digital world (both fiction and non-fiction welcome). Further guidelines here.


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