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Study Café Special: Reflective Practice for Arts and Humanities Students

A banner with the text: What has your learning experience been like so far and what are your goals for the future?

As the academic year wraps up, we are inviting all Faculty of Arts students to two afternoon workshops dedicated to self-reflection.

Set yourself up for success by increasing your self-awareness and gaining clarity about your goals. Whether you’re choosing modules for the next year, thinking about which society to join, or whether to apply for a job – self-reflection is a skill that is integral for any successful creative, professional, and academic practice. It enables you to critically review your current and previous progress and to engage in a continuous process of adaptation and learning.

This is a great opportunity for you to take stock of where you are, to celebrate your achievements, and to get inspiration for the year to come. We’re going to introduce a range of methods and tools you can use to increase your self-awareness and explore how they can be applied in practice.

Maybe you have a particular issue you’d like to think about or you’d just like to take a more broader look at your life and your goals. Either way, you’re welcome to join us!

These workshops are facilitated by the Faculty of Arts DSEP team as part of our Study Café series. Please contact Ida Lübben if you have any questions.

Workshop 1: Exploring and applying basic tools for self-reflection

Thursday, 15th of June

2-3 pm

FAB 3.31

Workshop 2: Delving deeper into self-reflective practice


Please note that whilst parts of these workshops are interactive and involve sharing thoughts and ideas with other participants, you are not under any obligation to share things that you feel are personal or sensitive.

Warwick Award opportunity: Students who attend both workshops and submit a 500w reflective piece, using the reflective practice tools we introduced to explore an issue of their choice, can receive 1 point towards the Warwick Award.

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions. Thank you for your time.