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Liam Rogers

Current Research

Screening Posthumanism: Humanness, Technology and Embodiment in Twenty-First Century Science-Fiction Film and Television

My PhD project explores how constructed concepts of humanness are inscribed onto technological lifeforms in onscreen science-fiction. It traces through different modes of technological embodiment in texts such as Her (2013), Black Mirror (2011-present) and CHAPPiE (2015) to investigate the possibility of a screened posthumanism. Through close textual analysis, I showcase how popular, mainstream film and television ought to be thought of as fundamental to the posthumanist project, not because they uncritically reflect pre-established philosophical positions but because they challenge, augment and actively theorise posthumanism in uniquely cinematic and televisual ways.

My project is supervised by Professor Catherine Constable & Dr Tiago de Luca, and is funded by Midlands4Cities (M4C) under the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)


I attained my BA (Hons) in Film Studies from the University of Warwick in 2018, and an MSc (with Distinction) in Film Studies from the University of Edinburgh in 2020.

My research interests beyond my PhD topic include:

  • Gender, sex and sexuality onscreen
  • The intersection of race and technology
  • Digital cinema, CGI and indexicality
  • Intention, authorship and politics in film
  • Television studies and the "post-broadcast" era's impact on medium specificity
  • The animated sitcom

​Rogers, L. (2017). Anicom Seriality: BoJack Horseman (2014-2020) and the Post-Broadcast Era.​ Animation Studies 2.0, Animation and Seriality Blog.


Science Fiction: Theory as Film (2022-2024)
Theories for Film Studies (2022)
IATL Habitability in the Universe (2023-2024)

Conferences, Talks and Papers

Does the ArchAndroid Dream of Electric Sheep? Janelle Monáe, Posthumanism and the Post-Racial “Other” in “Autofac” (2018). Department of Film and Television Studies Research Day [Digital], The University of Warwick. May 2021.

"I am everywhere:" Disembodied Knowledge and Contradictory Posthumanism in Lucy (2014). BAFTSS New Connections Event: Posthumanism(s) Roundtable [Digital], The University of Warwick. June 2021.

Ich bin dein Mensch/I'm Your Man (2021) and the Perfect Man. Introductory talk followed by screening of Ich bin dein Mensch. The Apocalypse is Now Film Festival, Resonate Festival, The University of Warwick. October 2021.

Co-organised the Posthuman Bodies and Embodied Posthumanisms conference, 12-14th October 2022. For more information, please visit

Screening Holography: Materialised Transparency, Intangible Love and Posthumanism. Sognielettrici - Between Fiction & Society II, IULM University, Milan, October 2023.


CHAPPiE (2015)

Ex Machina (2014)

Ex Machina (2014)