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Current PhD Profiles and Past PhD Topics

    Current Thesis Topics:
    Recently completed thesis topics:
    • Television Archives and UK Cities of Culture (Kat Pearson)
    • Concepts of Distance and Proximity in Media Representations of War and the Ethical Possibilities of the New Media (Pablo Alvarez Murillo)
    • Visconti, Neorealism and the Italian Communist Party: politics and aesthetics in Visconti's films 1943-1964 (Rossana Capitano)
    • Subverting Patriarchal Myths: Feminism and the Female Director in Exploitation Film (Sinead Edmonds)
    • The Aesthetics of Post-Broadcast Comedy Television (Thomas Hemingway)
    • The representation of youth in British cinema from 1950 to 1970 (Hannah Hitchin)
    • The Role of the Popular Press in the Construction of a Cinematic Imaginary: Italy 1950-68 (Silvia Magistrali)
    • Recession, Austerity and Deterioration: The Representation of the Northern Male Body in British Film and Television (Daniel Martin)
    • Sexual Repression and the Romantic Ideal in the Dream Ballets of Hollywood Musicals (Helen Palmer)
    • "Transitional” Generation: Production, Reception, and Representation of Dictatorship in Young Chilean Filmmaking (Eva-Rosa Ferrand Verdejo)
    • Memory and Materiality in Music Television (Leanne Weston)

    Past theses:

    The New Argentine cinema; Cross Dressing and Spectatorship; Dressing the Part; Documentary films in post-dictatorial Chile: politics of memory and national identity (1990-2010); Mockumentary comedy; The American President in Hollywood Film and Television; Mind to Screen: Disordered Mental States in Film; The male makeover in film and television; Historical Reassessment in Contemporary American Cinema: Myth, Iconography and the Digital; Thrillers of State on British Television; Strategies of Narrative and Spectacle in the New 3D Cinema; Aesthetics of Negativity: The Cinema of Suzuki Seijun; The Strategies in Translating Culture-Specific References in American and Thai Films: An Analysis of Subtitles; Remediation: Influence Process between Film and Video Game Audiovisual Language; Fanvids and Television: Archives, Appropriation and Argument; The Courtroom Trial Sequence in Hollywood Cinema, 1934-1966; The Lubitsch Touch; The Postmodern Auteur: A Contradiction in Terms?; Siyakhumbula Ngabafazi Bethu: Memorying The Everyday Through Race And Gender In South African Post-Apartheid Cinema And Visual Culture; Documentary Evidence and Fiction Film: Political Torture in contemporary US and Chilean Cinema; Tracing the Home Movie Imagination; The Development of the Superhero Blockbuster; Cinephilia and Citationality in the Cinema of Jacques Demy; The Kinaesthetics of Serial Television; The Children's Horror Film; Contingency in the Multi-Protagonist Film vis-à-vis Contemporary Continental Philosophy; The representation of the cinema projectionist in film; A Globally Formatted Queer TV in Post-2000 China; Costume and Fashion in Television Drama; Screening the 70s: Representation of 1970s in Brit Film & TV; Unidentified Flying Objects and the Photographic Image


    Life on Mars

    killer of sheep2

    Chinese Queer TV