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Academic Staff Research Interests

Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies

History of Art

Jenny Alexander   Medieval Art and Architecture especially the study of medieval and early modern buildings, their construction and use.
Josefine Baark   Seventeenth and eighteenth-century art and visual culture; Global art, particularly in China; Automata and mechanization; Portrait sculpture; Miniaturization and scale.
Louise Bourdua   Artistic patronage, religious orders and intersections between the Veneto and Northern Europe in the later middle ages and Renaissance.
Rosie Dias   Eighteenth and early nineteenth-century British art and visual culture; colonial art, particularly in India; British artists in Venice.
Michael Hatt   Nineteenth-century Danish art and culture; British and American Art in the 19th and 20th centuries; Visual Culture with a particular interest in gender and sexuality, and in questions of visual racism; the history of art history.
Livia Lupi   Late medieval and early modern painting and architecture, especially in Italy; Representations of architecture in the arts of Europe and Asia; Exchanges between Italy and the late Byzantine world; History of rhetoric and its interplay with the visual arts; Architectural drawings; Painter-architect figures; Exchanges between Europe and early modern India.
Lorenzo Pericolo   Early modern religious art, Renaissance and Baroque art and theory, the influences and cross-fertilizations between the artistic centres of early modern Europe

Otto Saumarez Smith

  The profound changes that happened to the state and society in modern Britain viewed through the lens of the built environment.
Paul Smith   Later nineteenth-century French painting, and its links with art theory, criticism, and literature. Also; theory and philosophy of art: Wittgenstein’s aesthetics; Adrian Stokes and Richard Wollheim; art and visual perception; colour.

Danielle Stewart


Photography and urbanism in mid-century Latin America; the relationship between visual culture and the built environment; Brazilian Modernism; contemporary Latin American Photography; ecocriticism; photographic surveys; photography and race.

Giorgio Tagliaferro

  Images and the story of their production, reception and impact on the formation of cultural identities within specific contexts, especially in Renaissance and Early Modern Europe.

Naomi Vogt

  20th and 21st century visual culture; moving image within history; documentary practices; the post-internet; video installation; rituals; the circulation of tropes and iconographies; art and knowledge.

Sarah Walford

  The life and career of Coventry's first City Architect, Sir Donald Gibson, and Coventry's pioneering role in post-war public sector architecture.

Tom Young

  Art in India, Empire, Lithography, Mass media technology, Rise of the Counterculture, Nineteenth Century art and printmaking, Artistic technology as a driver for historical change.

Theatre and Performance Studies

Jim Davis Professor of Theatre and Performance Nineteenth-century British theatre; nineteenth-century London theatre audiences; nineteenth-century Australian theatre; theatre iconography; history and theory of acting; melodrama and pantomime; comic performance; Dickens and theatre.
Milija Gluhovic Associate Professor (Reader) of Theatre and Performance Contemporary European theatre and performance; memory studies and psychoanalysis; discourses of European identity, migrations and human rights; religion, secularity, and politics; contemporary North American and North African theatre and performance and international performance research and pedagogy.
Stuart Hampton-Reeves Professor of Theatre and Performance Creative practitioners (actors, artists, directors, musicians) who engage creatively with Shakespeare; 20th century Shakespeare performance with an emphasis on history plays and articulations of national culture; undergraduate research as a pedagogic practice and an international movement.
Anna Harpin Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance Cultural histories of madness and trauma; post-war British and American theatre and film; graphic medicine; live art practices; critical medical humanities; critical psychiatry; pain and illness narratives; class politics; fat studies.
Nadine Holdsworth Professor of Theatre and Performance Post-war British theatre; politics and theatre; theatre and marginalized communities; arts and homelessness; popular theatre practitioners; theatre and national identities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; amateur theatre.
Yvette Hutchison Associate Professor (Reader) of Theatre and Performance African theatre and performance, and its relationship to history, myth, and memory; African womanisms/ feminisms; memory and transitional justice; Post-colonial theatre; contemporary South African Theatre; Intercultural Theatre and contemporary identity construction in post-Apartheid South Africa.
Silvija Jestrovic Professor of Theatre and Performance Exilic theatre and performance; citizenship, gender and labour migration; contemporary urban and political performances; Cultures of the Left; Avant-garde theatre and performance; performance, theatre, and culture of the Balkans; performance analysis; writing for performance
Julia Peetz Leverhulme Early Career Fellow Performance and democracy; political and theatrical representation; populism; performativity and theatricality; political speech; interdisciplinary research practice.
Bobby Smith Assistant Professor of Theatre and Performance Applied and socially engaged performance; theatre for development; transnational partnerships; theatre and conflict.
Pat Smyth Senior Research Fellow Theatrical spectacle; nineteenth-century visual culture, including panoramas, dioramas and other optical entertainments; the representation of landscape and urban environments on stage; spectatorship; the expression of emotion through attitude and gesture.