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Student Forms

Ethics Form - Forms related to ethics can be found in the “Ethical Approval Forms” Folder of each of your modules on Moodle. Please submit your application via your module Moodle page. For any further questions, please contact Dr Marco J Haenssgen.

Mitigating Circumstances Form - Use this form to give your permission for any unforeseen events or circumstances which you consider to have had a significant negative impact on your studies to be taken into account by the relevant Board of Examiners. The form is available on your Tabula, tab "personal circumstances". Please find more guidance on the GSD Handbook.

Appeal Form (non-finalists) - If you consider that you may have grounds to appeal against the decision of the Exam Board, you must speak first to your Personal Tutor before submitting a formal appeal. Your Personal Tutor will be able to provide advice about the acceptable grounds for appeal according to University Regulation 8 and direct you to the relevant form to be completed.

Student Funding Application form - The School for Cross-faculty Studies makes available to its students each year a limited number of awards of up to £100 each to support their participation in events and activities linked to their study. Students wishing to apply for this funding should complete an application form by the appropriate deadline and submit it to the School for its consideration.

Optional Module Choice Form for non-GSD and non-Liberal Arts Students

Late Arrivals Form (Incoming Students) - Incoming first-year GSD students only. If you are unable to arrive for the start of term (Monday 4 October 2021) and need to arrive on campus later (but before 8 November 2021), please can you let us know by completing this form by no later than Monday 13 September 2021.