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GSD Student Ambassadors 2019/20

Prospective students visiting campus, a 'Campus Tour' yellow tent is featured

Meet our 2019/20 student ambassadors

Ellie Church

Final year Economic Studies and GSD student

I'm a third year Economic Studies and GSD student, who completed study abroad at Monash (Melbourne) during my second year. I am a keen musician, playing with the University's Symphony Orchestra, and have also engaged with many student productions through technical theatre. I am currently working to set up a new society, as well as being the co-founder of a new sustainability project on Warwick campus.

Beth Disdel

Second year Philosophy and GSD student

"So plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers " – Jorge Luis Borges

Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I'm a GSD and Philosophy student. I really love the notion of doing good recklessly, and that’s why I enjoy studying GSD because I think that it teaches you how to notice all of the beautiful things in the world and how strive for it in everything that you do. Studying GSD has helped me to find what makes my soul shine and I am so grateful for that! Fun fact: my favourite animal is a sunfish because they are quite useless and yet somehow still thriving, and I relate to that.

Charlotte Flechet

Second year Single Honours GSD student

Hi, I’m Charlotte, I’m a second-year single honours GSD student from France. In my second year, I was Vice-President of Warwick GSD Society, the academic society linked to the course, and I’m looking forwards to becoming tour secretary in my third year and being responsible for organising our annual trip. I’ve also been involved in a couple of drama productions, and was on the organising team of Warwick’s first Climate Negotiating Forum. Furthermore, I’m excited to be the new Chair of the Student Staff Liaison Committee this coming year, which provides a platform for students and staff to discuss problems and ideas connected to the course.

Joe Gosney

Second year Single Honours GSD student

At Warwick, I'm an active member of the Mixed Netball sports society where I train and socialise with other students from across the University. In Spring 2020, I'll be heading out to Monash Malaysia as part of the Integrated Exchange Program that GSD offers. There, I will be following my interests in ecology, ecological management and conservation.

Sambhaviy Kumaresan

Second year Single Honours GSD student

I'm a second year BASc Global Sustainable Development student. I'm the Chief Outreach Coordinator for the Warwick ASEAN ConferenceLink opens in a new window. I'm interested in policy-making and aspire to work in the Corporate Social Responsibility sector. I hope to explore Sustainability in the Political and Social scope while at university.

Jack Lawther

Second year Single Honours GSD student
To be honest, I love every element of the degree, but if I had to pick one specific area of interest, I would have to say I love learning about the poorest of the poor in the world, and how to alleviate that poverty in terms of health, human rights, finance, environmental outcomes- the whole lot. I am planning to immediately go on to study a masters degree in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies, which GSD is setting me up for very well. As well as my studies, I play rugby for the university and am part of Warwick Christian Union, and I find this to be a wonderful balance of academia, sport and faith in my university life.

Šimon Michalcík

Second year GSD and Business Studies student

I came here from the Czech Republic. Having always enjoyed being part of international communities, I had no doubt Warwick would be the right place for me. I chose to study GSD & Business as I have been passionate about the climate crisis and wanted to look for business-friendly solutions to the issue. On-campus you can usually find me enjoying the green sceneries around or rocking the piano in the Art Centre's music rooms. Next year I am taking a work placement year, which I plan to spend in Latin America working for a global youth organisation Plant-for-the-Planet, that I have been an ambassador for since childhood.

Katharina Neisinger

Second year Philosophy and GSD student

Hi, I am Kat! Originally from Germany, I have lived in Spain and Cuba before wanting to explore a different European country during my University-studies. It was that aspect as well as the uniqueness of my GSD and Philosophy degree that brought me to Warwick. Since first year I am part of Warwick SEED, a fantastic social impact society, which fosters my entrepreneurial drive alongside my academic knowledge of bringing about social and sustainable change. I am particularly interested in the transition from a linear to a circular economy, behavioural change, and innovation as a means to tackle global issues. In order to unwind, I dance Argentine tango or salsa, cook veggie-filled dishes or explore new places with lovely people. As part of my degree, I will also be going to Australia for six months - I am so excited!

Hannah Oliver

Second year History and GSD student

Hi, my name is Hannah, and I have just completed my second-year studying History and GSD. My favourite GSD modules this year were Inequalities and Human Rights and Social Justice in Latin America, but I also took the opportunity to take a Liberal Arts module, on Utopias. This past year I held a position of GSD Soc’s exec, as Welfare and Marketing officer. Most of my time was spent fulfilling these two positions, which I thoroughly enjoyed! I am also a member of HistSoc, Warwick SEED, and TechCrew. For a period of time, I was also involved in the History of Art Project, on the current humanities building.

Ismini Pnevmatikaki

Second year GSD and Business Studies student

Hi everyone I am Ismini a second year GSD and Business. I have been involved in the basketball and rowing teams. In terms of societies I have joined a number of them, including salsa, tango, WES, enterprise, Tedx and WBSS. I am here to help you with any questions you may have, feel free to stop me if you see around campus.

Hollie Ryan

Final year Politics, International Studies and GSD student

Daveena Saranna

Second year Single Honours student

Hi, my name is Daveena and I am a second-year single honours student. Before studying at Warwick, I had no idea just how much sustainability entailed. Needless to say I love my course and have made incredible memories, with my course mates becoming some of my closest friends. I interned for Blenheim Palace as a sustainability advisor after my first year and completed a study abroad at the University of Monash in my second year. Outside of the department I have been social secretary for the Amateur Boxing Club, a member of Mixed Netball, Open Mic Nights and taken singing lessons. Studying GSD at Warwick has been an incredible opportunity so far and offered my academic and personal opportunities I would have never otherwise had. I am looking forward to continuing my studies and seeing where this multi-disciplinary degree can lead me.

Akshaya Shekaran

Second year Single Honours student
Hi! I’m Akshaya; a second-year, single honours Global Sustainable Development student. I love studying GSD because I feel that it is such a relevant subject, and the department is very welcoming and supportive, too. As a student, I have also been involved in many societies, such as helping to organise the Warwick Climate Negotiating Forum (a UNFCCC conference simulation led by students) and being the Vice President for Warwick’s Student Action for Refugees society, where we volunteer weekly teaching English to refugees in Coventry and campaign for the rights of refugees and asylum-seekers in the UK.

Amalia Thomas

Second year Politics, International Studies and GSD student

My name is Amalia Thomas and I am a second year, currently studying GSD PAIS. So far, I have really enjoyed my course, and as part of it I will be going to Melbourne, Australia for a term to study abroad. In my spare time, I also enjoy playing tennis, being a part of mixed netball and I also joined the art society, which is great if you want a creative outlet.