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Students voice hope and concern at Warwick Climate Negotiating Forum

The inaugural Warwick Climate Negotiating Forum (WCNF) took place at the University across two days last month. Run by students and led by GLOBUS Warwick, the student-run online journal at the School for Cross-faculty Studies, this project was the first of its kind at the University. The event gave students the opportunity to experience global climate negotiations first-hand, in a setting that encouraged a rounded learning experience by inviting guest speakers and offering a number of workshops.

WCNF 2019 simulated the United Nations' annual Conference of the Parties (COP) negotiations, assessing progress in dealing with climate change. Students applied to become delegates, representing one of fourteen nations or the European Union in teams. Delegates worked to negotiate a broad range of goals compatible with 1.5 degrees of global warming.

The event began on Friday 25 October 2019 with a keynote address by Natalie Bennett, currently one of two Green Party members of the House of Lords and leader of the party from 2012 to 2016.

The session on the Friday also included a Delegates' Welcome from Vice President of WCNF Kasia Jaworska, a second year Life Sciences and GSD student, and a President's Welcome from Todd Olive, a final year Economic Studies and GSD student.

On Saturday 26 October 2019, the forum welcomed Dr Jess Savage, a Senior Teaching Fellow in Global Sustainable Development, who delivered a talk on climate change and biodiversity. Dr Alastair Smith, another Senior Teaching Fellow in our Department also took to the stage, presenting on globalism, nationalism and climate policy.

Skills-based workshops on the Saturday included a session from the Warwick Behavioural Insight Team, inviting participants to explore key techniques founded in behavioural science, for encouraging and influencing individuals’ behaviours, in support of global climate action.

Hear from the delegates

Katharina Neisinger
Second year student
Philosophy and GSD

Luke Netherclift
Second year student
GSD and Business Studies

Marlene Jacobsen
Second year student

Students taking part in the Warwick Climate Negotiating Forum talking to each other in the foyer of the Oculus BuildingStudents taking part in the Warwick Climate Negotiating Forum talking to each other in the foyer of the Oculus BuildingDelegates of the Warwick Climate Negotiating Forum in a lecture theatre asking questionsVice President of WCNF Kasia Jaworska, a Life Sciences and GSD student delivering the Delegate's WelcomeNatalie Bennett delivering a speech at the front of the lecture theatreWorkshop led by the Warwick Behavioural Insight TeamStudents taking part in the workshopsDelegates taking part in negotiations in the lecture theatreA group photo of Todd Olive (President of WCNF) and Kasia Jaworska (Vice President of WCNF) with Natalie BennettDr Jess Savage from the GSD Department presenting on BiodiversityDr Alastair Smith from the GSD Department presenting on 'Globalism, Nationalism and the Climate Emergency

The WCNF Team

Todd Olive
Forum President
Economic Studies and GSD student

Kasia Jaworska
Vice President
Life Sciences and GSD student

Lucy Jordan
President's Squad
PPE student

Manveer Gill
President's Squad
Mathematics student

Ismini-Anna Pnevmatikaki
President's Squad
GSD and Business Studies student

Georgia Wedgbury
Marketing Co-Ordinator
Philosophy and GSD student

Zafirah Kesington
Deputy Marketing Co-Ordinator
Single Honours GSD student

Matthew Seet
Research Co-Ordinator
PPE student

Priscilla Tay
Deputy Research Co-Ordinator
Economic Studies and GSD student

Jun Wei Lim
Front of House Co-Ordinator
Accounting and Finance student

See here for the entire team