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Hear from our graduates

Studying GSD at Warwick opens the door to a host of fascinating and rewarding careers, and our alumni are a testament to the range of opportunities available to you when you graduate.

Hear from some of our alumni about what they're up to now and how studying GSD at Warwick has prepared them for life after graduation:


Hannah Abdel-Hadi

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Hear from Hannah

What does your role as a Community Associate at Muddy Trowel involve?

"Muddy Trowel is an e-commerce company and we deliver outdoor plant kits to people in London and the South East. It was founded initially to support growers and gardeners during Covid.

As a Community Associate, I am in charge of the community and I mainly do organic marketing and customer success. More recently my role has developed further in marketing, and I am also leading the sustainability work-stream - so I am getting involved in working out the carbon footprint of the business, and also devising a sustainability strategy and action plan in various areas."

What do you enjoy about your job?

"What I really like about this job (and start-ups in general) is that the role is varied and interesting. It's fast-paced and what is great about my job is that no day is the same. It is also amazing to have the flexibility to try out different business areas and learn what I would like to do."

Why is your work important?

"My work is important because it solves a real consumer problem that it is complicated for people to get into gardening - and gardening has a huge importance for both mental, physical and eco-system health. Transforming outdoor spaces in cities has a huge amount of direct and indirect benefits. Not only this, but tackling and being thought leaders for sustainability in horticulture: thinking about plastic pollution, peat, air miles and other key issues, is so important (and potentially transformative) for an industry that historically has been falling short in sustainability thinking and action."

How has your degree helped you in your role?

"In terms of skills that I learned in GSD, we did a lot of collaborative group projects. It was great to be able to work with people from different backgrounds and those sorts of soft skills have become super important, especially when working in a small business in a small team. I then developed and built on those skills in my Master's degree. It was so important to be able to talk to people from diverse backgrounds, and so I think that was a key skill that I learned through studying GSD.

For me, the knowledge that I gained studying GSD and the importance of sustainability in all elements of business means that I was motivated to start the sustainability work stream at Muddy Trowel and own that part of the business. Being able to identify sustainability problems, and approach those problems in a holistic way, is crucial to developing a coherent strategy and future proof the business both for people and planet."

What are your hopes for the future?

"I love start-ups and small businesses, so I'm really enjoying my time at Muddy Trowel. In the future, I will probably look to move around to other start-ups in the social impact space. I'm learning a lot here about community building, marketing, and devising a sustainability strategy, and I would like to take these skills forward to other start-ups."

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