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Dr Romain Chenet

Romain's work spans across all UN SDGs:

Dr Romain Chenet is the Director of Undergraduate Studies and Director of Undergraduate Admissions for Global Sustainable Development. Having recently completed a PhD focused on deconstructing post-2015 aid and development policies, Romain's interests span development, sociology, and politics in exploring globality with the use of poststructural (Foucauldian) analysis of discourse and other critical methods (Gramscian, etc.). Romain was previously based in London, working in multinational corporate relations and high-value fundraising management for large INGOs to build development projects and respond to humanitarian emergencies. Before settling in the UK, Romain lived in Asia (Nepal, India, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia), shaping diverse encounters with development.

5 Keywords:

  • Sustainable development
  • Gender
  • Governance
  • Culture
  • Decolonisation