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Mon 27 May, '24
WUB-hub webinar: Economies Under Siege, Paths for Reconstruction

The consequences of the war for Ukraine’s economy have been immense, and there will be colossal rebuilding costs in the future. Some argue seized Russian assets should be given to Ukraine to fund its military and contribute to post-war rebuilding. Meanwhile, Belarus’s economy has resorted to extraordinary measures in response to sectoral sanctions, though reported macroeconomic trends confound expectations. This webinar will explore these issues.

Confirmed speakers include:

Tatiana Termacic, Head of the PACE Secretariat Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons (France)

Nigel Gould-Davies, Senior Fellow, International Institute for Strategic Studies (UK)

Lev Lvovskiy, Academic Director, BEROC; economics analyst, Sense Analytics (Belarus)

Ivan Us, chief consultant, National Institute for Strategic Studies (Ukraine)

Thu 30 May, '24
Warwick Spotlights: all leads working lunch

All leads and co-leads are invited to attend this Warwick-led working lunch, to learn more about the strategy for the Spotlights and to share best practice in the development of their respective spotlights. Prof. Korosteleva, as the lead of Sustainability Spotlight, along with her co-leads from WMH, WBS, EHN, and WESIC, will participating in this event

Fri 28 Jun, '24
WUB-hub conference: EU Integration Prospects for Ukraine and Belarus

The Warwick Ukraine-Belarus (WUB) Hub and the European Parliament Liaison Office (EPLO) in the UK invite you to the conference The EU Integration Prospects for Ukraine and Belarus: Assessing the future”

Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine brought severe security, political and societal challenges to eastern Europe, demanding a constructive response from the European Union, the United Kingdom, and others. The invasion has hastened Ukraine’s EU accession prospects, while the Belarusian democracy movement has made a clear choice in favour of an EU future. The Warwick Ukraine-Belarus Hub’s high-profile international conference on 28 June 2024 in London will bring together decision-makers, officials and scholarly experts to advance the crucial debate on both countries’ futures.

The conference will be a special opportunity for participants to exchange novel ideas, challenge existing thinking, and advance the key strategic discussions. It will showcase novel research and facilitate network building. Speakers will include representatives from the UK parliament, European institutions, and experts on and from both Ukraine and Belarus. We are glad to invite you to this unique event. Please register here to attend the event.