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Towards good practice in the use of local and scientific knowledge for informing natural resources management

“This week, Dr Herizo Andrianandrasana, a research fellow from Institiute for Global Sustainable Development, University of Warwick, is in Aasiaat Greenland, to participate in a workshop called 'Towards good practice in the use of local and scientific knowledge for informing natural resources management'. Participants include Danish and Greenlandic government officials, local associations of fishers and hunters, local community members practicing community-based monitoring, scientists from Universities from Denmark, Greenland, UK/Madagascar, Norway, Japan, USA, Brazil, and local authorities from the municipalities in Greenland. The Greenlandic government delegation was led by the Minister of fishing & hunting.

Heri's talk in Aasiaat focusses on the adoption of the 2015 'Manaus Letter' he co-developed during an international symposium in Brazil in 2014, and his 19 years’ experience on community-based conservation and monitoring in Madagascar. The aim of workshop is to promote and strengthen the use of community-based conservation approach in Greenland and also exchange experiences from different parts of the world so that local people, scientists and authorities in Greenland can strengthen collaboration towards sustainable fishing and hunting (marine and terrestrial wildlife), build the gap between scientific monitoring and local knowledge. The workshop is an opportunity to provide realistic recommendations towards the use of Participatory Monitoring and community-based conservation in decision making. The outcomes of this workshop which is supported by the EU funded CAPARDUS Project and Government of Denmark funded UArctic Thematic Network on Collaborative Research Management, will be presented at the COP 15 of CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity) expected in Montreal on 7-19th of Dec 2022”.

Thu 01 Dec 2022, 12:44 | Tags: IGSD publications, Early Career Researcher, Conference