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IGSD thematic priorities

IGSD thematic priorities

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Just published: debating democracy at the heart of Europe

At the invitation of Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe, scholars, policy-makers and practitioners debate EU Democracy Promotion in this publication: "European democracy faces threats from both within and outside. To counter them, Europe needs leaders who are serious about upholding democratic values and addressing citizens' grievances'. Professor Korosteleva offered her take, as part of her work on SHAPEDEM-EU project. For more information please visit here.

International Advisory Board meeting for the BASIC project ' A Turning Point: Creating a Sustainable Security Architecture in Europe'

IAB met today to give feedback on a paper produced by Dr Gry Thomasen, Senior Policy Fellow & Programme Manager. The project focuses on climate challenges for security in Europe, and the need for the new security architecture.

The SHAPEDEM-EU project: mid-term review - success!

The SHAPEDEM-EU project, bringing together 12 members of the consortium, across Europe and beyond, had its first mid-term review meeting with the European Commission and appointed by the Commission independent reviewers. The Steering Committee of the project, involving all team leads, presented its work on various Work Packages, and the project's cross-cutting issues including digital transformation, ethics and gender. The Commission representative was very pleased to see the project's progress, including all the extra activities that participants initiated themselves, going well beyond the project's call, to ensure knowledge co-production and its dissemination further afield.

Dr Pitidis attends RiskPACC 3rd Awareness Workshop

Dr Pitidis attended the EU-funded project RiskPACC 3rd Awareness Workshop organised at European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) and hosted by the 20th district City Hall in Paris between 12-13 February, representing the Warwick team.

The RiskPACC 3rd Awareness Workshop was organised by the RiskPACC team along with a Knowledge Exchange Event with Municipalities and local authorities from across Europe who were willing and eager to share views on the RiskPACC tools and solutions as well as best practices. Sharing past experiences as well as respective objectives is critical for the development of suitable, adaptive and fit for purpose solutions and methodologies and increase risk awareness and preparedness.

More information about the event can be found at the project websiteLink opens in a new window!

Thu 11 Jan 2024, 10:48 | Tags: Resilience, Vangelis Pitidis, RiskPACC, EU Horizon

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