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IGSD thematic priorities

IGSD thematic priorities

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Jonathan Clarke, IGSD Thematic Fellow, was interviewed on TV news about winter crop devastation

Jonathan Clarke talks to local news about the challenges and consequences of the extended floods in the Cotswolds for local farming and regional and National food supply chains.

Hita Unnikrishnan published a newspaper article

Dr Hita Unnikrishnan, IGSD new Assistant Professor, together with Prof. Harini Nagendra, has published a newspaper article 'How Bengaluru's lakes disappeared' in The Indian Express. There they discussed what it means for the local communities that once a city of lakes and a community centre for its neighbourhoods critical for local economies and sacred cosmologies, biodiversity and human wellbeing, Bengaluru's lifeworld has dried up due to climate change.

IGSD Research Fellow publishes a co-authored report on decarbonisation

IGSD Research Fellow Dr Aijan Sharshenova published a co-authored reportLink opens in a new window on digitalisation of infrastructure and decarbonisation in Central Asia. The report provides an overview of the ongoing digitalisation and decarbonisation efforts in the region, and analyses the challenges and opportunities of taking climate action. The report is co-authored with Dr. Rahat SabyrbekovLink opens in a new window (Harvard University) and Dr. Burulcha SulaimanovaLink opens in a new window (OSCE Academy) and funded by CARECLink opens in a new window Think Tanks Network.

International Advisory Board meeting for the BASIC project ' A Turning Point: Creating a Sustainable Security Architecture in Europe'

IAB met today to give feedback on a paper produced by Dr Gry Thomasen, Senior Policy Fellow & Programme Manager. The project focuses on climate challenges for security in Europe, and the need for the new security architecture.

Dr Jonathan Clarke and Dr Raquel Nunes, both IGSD Thematic Fellows, are bidding high!

Delighted to see the birth of a Warwick's stellar team led by Jonathan Clarke (Warwick GSD-SCFS) and Raquel Nunes (Warwick Medical School), both IGSD Thematic Fellows, working together to create synergies between IGSD, Economics, Education Studies, WBS, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, Estates at Warwick and external stakeholders in their multi-million UKRI bid for 'health co-benefits of the transition to next zero'. The effort of their team has been stupendous, and the RIS support - Aidan, Alan, India and Andina - as always, unparalleled! Good LUCK, and sincere best wishesto you all!

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