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Ten years to transform our world

Can the use of tools such as Theory of Change really help me to test my research ideas and drive towards change? How will linking with the Global Goals enable me to demonstrate the contribution of my research to complex sustainability challenges?

These are some of the questions we will explore in this new event series. These workshops will facilitate conversations around key topics related to global sustainable development research. They will provide an opportunity to explore how engagement with existing tools and frameworks that are increasingly required by research funders can move from being a tick box exercise to a useful one. Our workshops will not be lectures, they will be two-way conversations and an opportunity for us to develop ideas together to consider whether adjusting our approach might increase our impact. Thematic events will explore the variety of expertise in different disciplines and how people can connect their research to the SDGs.

Decade of action for SDGS

Workshop format

Each workshop will be run by Christine Bell, a professional facilitator with broad experience supporting HEIs and funders with development events. Each topic will be delivered over a course of two 2-hour virtual workshops on the Zoom platform. For each event there will be a dedicated web platform that will host a curated set of multimedia materials in advance of the workshops for those who want to access it. Workshops will include brainstorming, dialogue, information sessions and opportunity for smaller group work. There are more detailed descriptions for the format of each workshop in the sections below.

Workshop themes

The first three workshops will explore the topics of; Theory of Change, Hunger and Informal Communities. Attendance at every event is not required. Further events will be added to this series and any suggestions regarding thematic areas you would like to see covered are welcome.

Not really a theory at all. But it is a really useful tool researchers can use to communicate and maximise the potential for change of projects. Find our more about the Theory of Change workshops.

No Hunger event

If your research relates to food security in any way at all, we need your contribution to these events. Find out about the workshops on hunger.

Informal communities

How can we investigate and respond to the complex challenges of informal communities in low- and middle-income countries? Find out more about the workshops on informal communities.