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Assessing the social impacts of ‘Our Spaces’

Close up photos of the Our Spaces installations

A collaborative project between the Institute for Global Sustainable Development and Warwickshire County Council

The ASIOS project investigated the social (non-monetary) value of the Warwickshire County Council ‘Our Spaces’ programme; a project aimed at helping to reinvigorate public spaces in the wake of the Covid pandemic by installing public art interventions in seven towns throughout Warwickshire. Art and culture play an increasingly vital role in the vitality and vibrancy of places and there is a growing trend towards experiential town and high street centres. The Our Spaces project aimed to embed art and culture in our places to support regeneration activity as well as engender a sense of place and pride amongst residents and communities. In this project, we worked with the Our Spaces commissioning team to examine how the artistic interventions benefit the public realm, focusing on the health and wellbeing impacts of spending time in public spaces, the public appreciation of space quality, and the use of the spaces before and after intervention. The project involved two local artists who produced an artistic response to the Our Spaces installations and the reactions of the public. You can read the full report of the project here.

For more information on the Our Spaces project, visit the Warwickshire County Council Our Spaces pagesLink opens in a new window.

Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The project will connect to the UN Sustainable Development Goals 3 (Health and Wellbeing) and 11 (Sustainable Cities), particularly through its focus on social wellbeing and access and use of public spaces.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 3UN Sustainable Development Goal 11

This project was funded by the Getting Creative with SustainabilityLink opens in a new window project at the University of Warwick and by the Warwick Habitability GRPLink opens in a new window.

Project Team

Dr Nikoleta Jones

Dr Nikoleta Jones, Associate Professor and Director of Research

Leigh Walker

Leigh Walker, Research Assistant

Marius MatesLink opens in a new window, Dancer and Choreographer

See Marius' work on InstagramLink opens in a new window

Julia O'ConnellLink opens in a new window, Textile Artist

See Julia's work on InstagramLink opens in a new window